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Open Challenge to All: Show The Scripture That Says God Changed Sabbath 7th day to 1st Day?

Open Challenge to All: Show The Scripture That Says God Changed Sabbath 7th day to 1st Day? Open Challenge to All: Show The Scripture That Says God Changed Sabbath 7th day to 1st Day?

I want to hear from anyone who can defend Sunday as the Sabbath…Please start with Genesis 1:1 go through the next seven days, then show us where YeHoVah changed it to Sunday… WDYT?

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Pat Robertson CBN 700 Club Solar Eclipse

REGENESISRADIO 2017 8-26-2017 – I was young, now 64, a fan of 700 since Pat Robertson was young also, but in the context of the Solar eclipse of 8-21-2017 and today Hurricane Harvey, watching Terry Mewson a few days ago on the 700 club ask Pat, “Do you think think this Solar Eclipse has any significance?” Pat says, “I don’t think so. I don’t see any significance.”

Train wreck, I say as respectfully as possible; yet, I am a steward of my own understanding so I am compelled to respectfully and humbly sound the Trumpet / alarm lest their blood be on my hands.  Pat Robertson missed it big time on this one.  This failure to see the signs of YaHoVaH’s times and seasons is a cataclysmic failure of Biblical proportions; yet, Pat Robertson along side me reduces me to the size of an amoeba in comparison of good deeds and great accomplishments.


The above article includes detailed explanations from Hebraic experts from Mark Biltz and Curt Landry – Jews from birth, experts i the Hebrew Calendar and Hebrew.

It is essential that we know the times an seasons, given these perilous times, lest we be found like the foolish virgins without oil in our lamps.  The understanding of the Hebrew Calendar is essential.  The reader will realize the vast advanced level of prophetical understanding of times demonstrated between Pat Robertson,  Mark Biltz and Curt Landry.

See Mark Biltz at http://www.Elshaddaiministries.us

See Curt Landry at http://www.CurtLandry.com

Comments? Sure, that’s what this blog is for.

700 Club: Should We Obey the Feasts of the Lord?


Should We Obey the Feasts of the Lord? 700 Club.

Grade D – Teaches others to violate the law or profane the Sabbath under the color of “Grace.”

By Gary Woodroffe

Copyright 2016


YES. The answer is YES. My short, humble explanation follows:

Since the book release of “Four Blood Moons: Leaving Babylon” and redirecting my relation with Yahweh toward the Torah, I come across a caller on the Christian Broadcasting Network,  “Should We Obey the Feasts of the Lord?”; I heard on the 700 Club, Ask Pat.

I believe it was Gordon, answered, “well, we can come before God anytime so I don’t think there is any requirement to honor the Feasts.” When coming from the irrational mindset that “the law is done away with”, setting the scenario up on the slippery slope of greasy grace, perhaps another Western Christian can follow that faulty logic.

After several days of contemplation, it occurs to me the scope of the question is far wider and deeper than we realize.  Consider:

  • The “Feasts of the Lord” are also designated Sabbath days according to the Torah.
  • The “Ten Commandments” are also designated a subset of the Torah.  See Leviticus 19.
  • The “Torah” is more aptly called our instruction book rather than the “law”.
  • What is the “atonement?”  A license to invent our own law, under the color of “grace?” NOT.

First, we must understand the command to “Keep Holy the Sabbath day” is part of the Ten Commandments, which is part of the Torah.  It follows then if we fail to honor the Feasts, we also “profane” the Sabbath.  The Webster definition of “profane” is to treat what is Holy as common. Israel was judged for profaning the Sabbath up to the time of the First Temple in 587 B.C.Further, the first day [Sunday] is not the Sabbath. No where in Scripture is the First day designated as the “Sabbath”.  The Sabbath is the 7th day [Saturday] designated directly by Yahweh to Moses. Pope Gregory has no authority to change the Sabbath in 323 A.D. or any other time. Simply put, Western Christianity has taught us to profane the Sabbath.

  1. Second, what the caller is asking, “Is it ok to profane the Sabbath?”.
  2. Third, on a larger scope the caller is asking, “Is it ok to violate the Torah?”.

The answer from that perspective is obvious.  We can ask ourselves, “which one of the Ten Commandments can we cancel?” or has Yahweh cancelled?   When we understand Yahweh’s intention behind the Feasts, we discover we miss the entire purpose of the Feasts.

The “Feasts” in the Hebrew are defined as an “intermission”.  Yahweh instructs us to stop with the daily grind of working and worrying about money, to reorder our homes, to spend family time together and to meet with Him.  In other words… chill out! Take a break dude!

We have a free choice.

We have a free choice.  We can do anything we want; however, there are consequences.  We can choose to violate any of mans’ laws or God’s laws; but consequences follow.  The Feasts are Yahweh’s pre arranged appointments, like Pastor Mark Biltz says, Yahweh has pre ordained in His appointment book.  We have a free choice to blow off Yahweh’s pre ordained appointment and go do stupid stuff.  Consider also when we blow off someone’s invite, we are likely to lose them as a friend; very rude, not recommended, invites negative  reactions and consequences.  Why…pray tell, would we want to blow off Yahweh’s pre ordained appointment resulting in offending Him?   Yahweh has been exceedingly, abundantly, above all I could ask or think kind and benevolent to me.  Risking His offense, alienation or disenfranchisement on such a frivolous consideration is a risk I’ll not take.




Institutionalized Profanity in the Church? The Sunday Profanity

Institutionalized Profanity in the Church? The Sunday Profanity; Honoring the Sabbath

By Cyrus King

Has the church institutionalized profanity? As part of the Sunday services happening in millions of churches and attendees this author concludes THE ANSWER IS YES.

This authors explanation follows.  Profanity here by Webster’s definition or other dictionaries explains:

Profanity is the treating of what is holy or uncommon as common.

This author does not claim attendees cuss like a sailor. On the contrary, they attend Sunday services in pious self righteousness while treating the Sabbath as common – profaning the Sabbath. No I’m not talking about staying home from church to watch a football game, I’m talking about the true Seventh day (Saturday in pagan terms) Sabbath.

Image result for The TorahLet’s make no mistake – Yahweh, the God Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has not changed.  He judged Israel in no uncertain terms for not honoring the Sabbath, shown repeatedly in the “Old Testament”.  Further, the Ten Commandments included the Commandment to “honor the Sabbath, to Keep it holy.” Here, holy means set aside, in Hebrew the Sabbath means an “intermission”, to cease doing business, rest from labor, treat it as Yahweh’s appointed time and day to meet, to spend with family.  He’s saying, dude… chill out on the Seventh day, let’s meet and rest. How cool is that?

We in western Christianity have institutionalized the profanity of the Sabbath.  The Sabbath is not Sunday, never has been, never will be. If you think so, then do your homework like this former western Christian.  If you were going to put me into a box I would probably fit into the Messianic.  The First day (Sunday) Sabbath is an invention of anti Semitic fore fathers going back to the dark ages even of the Council of Nicaea in 330 A.D laid the foundation for Hitler’s holocaust and many other genocidal tragedies on the Jewish people.  Those forefathers whose hatred for the Jews overshadowed their knowledge of the scriptures and sound reason.

The Sabbath is the Seventh Day – in pagan Babylonian terms of our western culture what we Saturday.  This author having been raised and confirmed  Roman Catholic, converted to Evangelical and now after approximately 3 and ½ years of study of the scripture find no scriptural basis while even finding commentaries of authority stating there is no basis for the First day (Sunday) Sabbath.

1 Chronicles 7:14

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard this scripture calling the church to repent. I’m not even going to do a full quote because if you don’t know this scripture you are so grossly ignorant of scripture that you need to go to first grade Sunday school. The calls to repent come during the Sunday service where they profane the Sabbath adamantly refusing to acknowledge the true 7th day Sabbath.

If the western churches wish to  genuinely repent pursuant to 1 Chronicles 7:14 and Isaiah 56, then repent and keep holy the Sabbath – the Seventh day Sabbath as Yahweh gave to Moses and never changed it. The early church honored the Torah. While we rail on the courts for their war on the ten commandments ( and rightly so) we ignore the fact that we have institutionalized the Profanity of the Sabbath – the true Sabbath on the Seventh day.

I can hear it already… the long litany of excuses, by people who grew up like me. Consider, when you stand in Judgment before Yeshua and He requires you to give account for how you profaned the Sabbath, then you respond with a lie like “the church changed  the Seventh day Sabbath to the First day”, then you need to ask yourself whether you want to risk Yeshua saying to you, “be gone from me you who do lawlessness.”

In summary the western church has redefined the Sabbath, has added to His Words and taken away Words. If we truly intend to repent then we must honor the Seventh Day Sabbath; only then will we honor the Ten Commandments which is the cornerstone of the Torah. Neither has Yahweh or Yeshua done away with the Torah.  Yeshua himself said to paraphrase, “I have not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill the law.” The Seventh day Sabbath is a fundament part of the Torah and Ten Commandments. The resemblance to the Satanic bible remarkably gives the [deceived] reader that we are our own gods, that we can make up our own rules, for our own convenience.  If you believe that I strongly caution you to abandon that deceit immediately.  We must honor Yahweh on His terms, not ours.  He is God Elohim and we are not.

I challenge every Christian church to honor the Sabbath as Yahweh requires.  Repent? Yes. Start by holding your holy convocation on the Seventh day.

In this day where the United States has one foot in hell and the other foot on a banana peel, we must ask ourselves, “Are we going to continue to contrive our own law?”.  Much logic breaks down when this whole issue is studied in depth, leading this author to conclude that I cannot continue the concocted First day Sabbath while profaning the Seventh Day Sabbath and continue to believe that deliberate ongoing, repeated violations of such a weighty matter as the Sabbath will be treated as covered under grace [although it likely will] presuming on His grace while repeated violations of His law continue. This is quite simple: change your Sunday Services to Saturday to show true repentance for a start [in terms of the pagan days, which He also commanded us not to even so much pronounce their names, but if I don’t you may not understand what I am saying.]

I do not purport to promote the Seventh Day Adventist denomination, although it could be said they may be a more scripturally compliant group than others.  This author could go on for many pages on the subject, as a matter of fact I have written a book,

cover“Four Blood Moons: Leaving Babylon” on Amazon, Smashwords and Cyrus King Publishing on http://www.ReGenesisRadio.com .

cyrus-king-media-logo-bannerVisit us at http://www.ReGenesisRadio.com Click on Cyrus King Publishing. No it’s not free.  If your too broke to spend a few dollars to invest in your eternal future, then I will forward a coupon for a free download; however, I believe if you’re not willing to invest in your eternal life, then you won’t read a free book either. WDYT?



grade FCRC grade: F

  • Churchface rating: 9.2

  • Severe churchface,

  • Gross error.

Rich Wilkerson Jr, Pastor recently hit the Churchface Tripwire saying, 

“The law doesn’t work”, – Rich Wilkerson Jr. on TBN.

Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr, states “the law doesn’t work”, similar premise other hyper grace heretics preach. Perhaps if anything doesn’t work, it is more likely Rich’s conclusion based on ignorance and a gross misunderstanding of the Torah.

Consider: the Old Testament more accurately describes the “law” as a teacher, not the “law”.  Considering the difference between a policeman and a teacher is enormous, for entirely different purposes and functions.  Whether or not we consider the Torah as the “law” or a “teacher”, Rich’es sillogism fails.

  1.  Whether or not the Torah is the “law” or a “teacher”, Pastor Rich just threw the Torah in the garbage can.  If the Torah “doesn’t work” we must consider for what purpose we expect the “law” to perform,
  2. If we expect the law to perform as a policemen, then we have just thrown out the basis for every law from the Magna Carta to the U.S constitution; the conclusion of Pastor Rich’es fallacious syllogism is anarchy. The Torah – 1st Five books of the Bible the Torah are disparaged and profaned; no small thing.  We have also declared every policemen and government is the result of a misplaced error, then the continuing conclusion is that anything you wish to do is ok, you are the god of your own destiny…sound familiar? Yes – the satanic bible.
  3. If we expect the law to perform as a teacher, then Pastor Rich’s conclusion just threw the teacher out of our classroom and every other classroom throughout history, tarring and feathering them as ignorant, incompetent bafoons who have never had any relevance or correctness; there is no knowledge – we create it ourself, no truth, it is all subjective, no matter what lawless deeds we do we will arrive in Yahweh’s paradise because there is no longer any sin.
  4. If we teach others the “law doesn’t work”, we then teach others to violate the law with impunity.  Yeshua says he who teaches others to violate the law, he shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven.
  5. Conclusion: Pastor Rich’s statement “The law doesn’t work”, parallels a carpenter who picks up a hammer, trying to paint a door with it then says the hammer doesn’t work.  Anyone can see the hammer works for what it is designed; similar to the law.  The law is a teacher; if it doesn’t work then Yahweh is a deceiver and a liar. If it does work then Pastor Rich is grossly in error.  The law teaches us to know and fear Yahweh, that is the purpose for which Yahweh created it.  David says in Psalm 119, he “loves thy law.  Yeshua says  His yoke is easy and burden is light. I personally attest Yahweh’s Torah is a light burden; however, His grace is available when – not if, I fall short.
  6. The entire issue is to large to cover in this blog article without further reading; however, this article should serve as a watchmen’s warning before he buy’s off on the fallacy that the “law doesn’t work”.
  7. Suggested reading –

    The Four Blood Moons, by Cyrus King,

    downloadable on Amazon or Smashwords.

  8.   May Yahweh help relieve the reader from the confusion of error.

Please comment your beliefs below!

Mark Biltz Elshaddai Ministries – B+

Mark Biltz Elshaddai Ministries

Update 8-21-2017 –

Mark hits another bullseye with the Solar eclipse revelations, sounding the Trumpet of warning for us Pilgrims to listen and pay attention.

See Mark’s interview on the Jim Bakker show shortly before the eclipse by a few days:


CHURCHFACE RATING: 1.5 – Excellent work Mark!

…For having the courage to fly in the face of Western Christianity with all of it’s pagan mixture, fallacy and Anti-Semitism, get us back to our Hebrew roots and plant our Faith in Yahweh, the magnificent atonement through Yeshua putting our feet on the solid rock.  I was born and raised a confirmed Roman Catholic, now having renounced those Western Pagan feasts and affirming my allegiance to Yahweh’s Torah & Appointed Times – Feasts He explained to Moses; He has not cancelled them, nor has changed the Sabbath.

Mark is one of those whose ears are open to Yahwehs words, honoring and including the Torah, Yahweh’s Divine Appointments which we mislabel “Feast Days”.

Marks messages are a wealth of understanding to give us understanding of the Times and Seasons in these perilous times which our Whitehouse has pointed the world headed for the cliff and WWIII on their Hellbound train, while they play golf… or fiddle while Rome burns.

Mark pulls out nuggets through the Hebrew that is a rare talent, not at all prosperity gospel or hypergrace.  We’ll never end up at the destination if we don’t have a map and a calendar, Mark does an excellent job.  BTW why doesn’t Mark get an A?…In my opinion only Yeshua gets a “A”. Leave your Babylonian idle worship behind and see what your missing at:

See: http:///www.Elshaddaiministries.us 

See also http://www.ReGenesisRadio.com/ for Purpose driven books & music.


Ninth of Av Open Letter to the Jewish People

Ninth of Av Open Letter to the Jewish People

By Gary Woodroffe

This letter is written from a Gentile raised as an ignorant, confirmed [former] Roman Catholic,  now 62 yo.   I was confirmed a Roman Catholic at the age of 15 yo.   This Ninth of Av provokes me to write this message toward the Jewish people.

It has only been in the last several years I have learned of the breathtaking violence perpetrated against the Jewish people throughout history by those under the color of Christianity.  As I continue to learn the history, the violence throughout history is indescribable. It is no wonder that you would feel alienated from those who now call themselves “Christians”.

Provoked by the signs in the heavens beginning Passover 2014 of the 1st of Four Blood Moons, I have learned of the breathtaking error, paganism and mixture perpetrated upon the entire earth originating from the Anti Semitism of the “church” fathers, which I have renounced.

I cannot find nor offer adequate words of apology to the Jewish people suffering from those “christians” throughout history.

My understanding having further studied the Torah recently in the last several years, is that I understand both Jews and Gentiles have a common need – the atonement for our sins.  Yahweh, I acknowledge His proof in the heavens is that Yeshua is our Passover and atonement who has reconciled us to Yahweh.

My further understating of the Torah has led me to the choice I have made to renounce the pagan based celebrations based on Babylonian and Pagan tradition.  My continuing new understanding of the Torah has lead me to new understanding of a profound depth I have never known.  Yahweh through Yeshua’s atonement has reconciled us as believers and adopted into His family.

My hope and Petition to Yahweh is that the Jewish reader will know and understand my prayer of Shalom toward your rising up, laying down, your going out and coming in, that you will be the head and not the tail and your family.


Gary Woodroffe