Pastor John Hagee Cornerstone Church Dad Basher

Pastor John Hagee Cornerstone Church Dadbasher

Grade D- -.

The Church Reportcard cites the following needs to improve in a general order of scriptural priority:

1.   Obsessive ongoing dad bashing.  Pastor Hagee persists in railing against absent dads, unemployed dads while “speaking as the foolish women do” – Job.

Pastor Hagee, because he apparently lives in an ivory tower of celebrity status and body guards is removed from the  realities of:

  • Family court corruption
  • Dads status equal to sub human Dred v Scott
  • Impossible levels of unemployment while exporting jobs overseas.
  • Feminism and corrupt family courts agenda to destroy dads and the family.
  • 24.5 Million children who never see their dads.  By design these fatherless children, orphaned by the design of corrupt family courts.   This orphan industry under color of law is certain to provoke Yahweh’s fury, read Exodus 22:22-24 and a plethora of other verses.  Since you’re a bible scholar, just search your bible study software on “fatherless” or, apparently if you have already done that, you have ignored those verses, then threw the 24.5 million children under your church bus.

2.  Your ongoing dad bashing, provokes this believer, single dad to this response.   You in your profound ignorance  cries out like the stones for response.

3.  The backhanded obsession to repeatedly engage in dad bashing, while ignoring the feminist agenda to disenfranchise dads and children, geographically, psychologically and medically through pharmacea, demonstrates your cowardness to confront the facts of this insidious agenda to destroy our children, dads and families.

4.  Since ministries like yours are nearly impossible to communicate with,  little opportunity for mentorship involves.

5.  You profane the sabbath.  Israel was judged for the same.

6.  The reason you weren’t given an F is that you support Israel.

Pastor John Hagee Cornerstone Church Dad Basher

One thought on “Pastor John Hagee Cornerstone Church Dad Basher”

  1. Yes, Pastor Hagee has a history, starting with his divorce. But, of course, we don’t want to talk about his personal life. Pastor Hagee is a good writer of some books 20 years ago, but he has become too involve with Zionism, a state founded by European Marxists, not by God, according to some Orthodox Rabbis. He also had to apologize to the Catholics. He also is obviously guilty of the sin of continuing gluttony. He is not a good example as a leader. We expect our leaders to behave better than the common folk. His current wife also had cancer, which caused me to doubt the effectiveness of faith healing, but in one of his books, he said that it is not always God’s will to heal. Keith Moore and Brother Copeland would disagree with him on that.


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