KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall


Grade A! Great job Ms. hall.  You’re a stateswoman, a patriot and a true follower of Jesus Christ who lays her life down for Yahweh’s Kingdom and Yeshua’s heart of hearts.  This site cites your service, bravery, sacrifice and intelligence for a few of the following reasons: (not exhaustive).

KrisAnne Hall
KrisAnne Hall
  • Your passion for justice, reflects in your profound ability to understand and teach the U.S Constitution.  Justice is one of the passions Yahweh shares with you and many in your audience.
  • Your passion and all out commitment reflects the same commitment as our founding fathers.
  • Your sacrifice includes much time away from your 8 year old son, husband, community and church, whom your husband pastors.  Your sacrifice also includes your career as an attorney; yet, now in your breakneck touring schedule  you appear on a donation basis.
  • You stand for family, children, unalienable rights given to us by Yahweh.
  •  Kudos to your husband who must also be as dedicated a patriot as your, to sacrifice his wife and mother of his son to those precious things to Yahweh, that he shares with Yahweh as well.  You leave a legacy for your husband, son, family and nation.

Thank you KrisAnn Hall.

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