Faith Life Church of Sarasota, Faith Life Church of Branson


Pastors:  Keith Moore and Phyllis Moore

Assistant Pastors:

Support for the widows and chidren:  Grade F.  This is a church where they ignore child suicide, 24.5 million children who never see their dads, they refuse to offer even a penny of their funds or a minute of their time to consider.   They have chosen to ram down your throat their version of God’s will while ignoring anything you understand or believe to be God’s will for your own life, even if your willing to learn, desire to meet and learn, you are in their cross hairs for castigation.  They are completely disinterested in your spiritual maturity, unavailable and uninterested to consider any part of what you believe God speaks to you.  Their agenda is to fill inane agendas with minutia like parking lot greeters while ignoring and avoiding Dads related projects to help six year old children who hang themselves in the midst of high conflict divorce, profound injustice and legal violence.

Support for the poor:  These are the same church who rejoice in their $5 million dollar construction projects, world wide data center, two churches, flying corporate jets to intercontinental locations, who will not return phone calls or consider a $100.00 benevolence, or offer employment even when they solicit week after week the skills you have dedicated your life to become expert level professional.   Your home can be in foreclosure, your family destroyed near suicide mode, career and name destroyed and they won’t even return your phone call.   At best  your skills and efforts and talents are garbage.  They don’t have time, nor their arrogant assistant pastors to offer even a phone call to consider life long family crushing circumstances.   Simply put, if you are poor, or have had trouble, don’t go here.  The great sermons of Brother Keith fall to the ground 12 inches past the pulpit.

Here is a pastor in an ivory tower.   He delegates the church administration to assistants and his wife Phyllis who veto your own communication with what God told you. Faith life will trump your understanding of what you belief God instructs you.  Absolute, complete, unquestioning, blind obedience is demanded or face harsh rejection, ostracizing and castigation.  Personal experience: home in foreclosure, family destroyed, slandered world wide on the internet, destroyed career in Information Technologies, A skilled musician producer, web designer, skilled writer … all these skills are worthless at Faith Life unless they determine God has told them you are any level above dirt. Otherwise any unskilled bumbling, bafoon will be promoted above you.  Meanwhile in all this they fly intercontinental trips on a regular basis in their corporate jet.  Pastors, assistant pastors, staff refuse to return phone calls or offer $100.00 to help get your water or power turned back on, or any sort of communication, consideration or help whatsoever.   This does not resemble the help Christ offered to the lowest of citizens.

Teaching:  Teaching from Brother Keith is exceptional; however, they testify against themselves since what they teach is not practiced any further than 12 inches past the pulpit; resulting in hypocrisy and deception.  Example:  They teach Christ forgives, reconciles and restores any and all sinners who ask for repentence.   In practice nothing is further from the truth.  You will never get past a dirt bag level of any position, avoided like a leper if you don’t meet their rigid uncompromising standards, but especially don’t attempt to hear God for yourself.  You are then manure class should you think for yourself and attempt to hear from God for yourself.  Just shut down your mind, your spirit and listen to the church bosses.   This author has personally observed hundreds and thousands of lives destroyed by this same blind obedience in cults like “Children of God” and “Jim Jones”.  It is a slippery slope.

Faith Life Church is not the exception.  This author is a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ and outraged at the profound destruction levied by two faced ministries who operate in fear they preach against and don’t practice what they preach even when it is obvious beyond measure.

To be continued.

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