The documents in this story have been verified as fact by the publisher. They are not fiction or wishful thinking.  If the matter appears on this blog they are verified as fact.  They will probably be repugnant without measure to the targeted party.  If you don’t like what is being published in this blog about you, then like Dr. Laura says…” Do the right thing”;  pretty simple. This doesn’t mean that we will remain as inflexible and arrogant as the government or churches do.

If you provide documentation and evidence that current circumstances are changed, then we will remove the information without charge unlike most of the extortionists out there who exploit peoples mistakes and hardships for financial gain.  This is cruel.

This blog is about churches.  The author is a bible believing Christian, journalist, technology professional and musician, spent his life developing his skillsets, not a hobby or a pipe dream, seasoned in the university of hard knocks, having done all to stand is still standing.  The author believes when the person attempts to address the person directly and the person refuses, Christ teaches to “shout it from the housetop.”  We are shouting this crapola from the housetop.  We believe God is no respecter of persons,  so neither are we. Remember your now on the housetop.

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