Pat Robertson CBN 700 Club Solar Eclipse

REGENESISRADIO 2017 8-26-2017 – I was young, now 64, a fan of 700 since Pat Robertson was young also, but in the context of the Solar eclipse of 8-21-2017 and today Hurricane Harvey, watching Terry Mewson a few days ago on the 700 club ask Pat, “Do you think think this Solar Eclipse has any significance?” Pat says, “I don’t think so. I don’t see any significance.”

Train wreck, I say as respectfully as possible; yet, I am a steward of my own understanding so I am compelled to respectfully and humbly sound the Trumpet / alarm lest their blood be on my hands.  Pat Robertson missed it big time on this one.  This failure to see the signs of YaHoVaH’s times and seasons is a cataclysmic failure of Biblical proportions; yet, Pat Robertson along side me reduces me to the size of an amoeba in comparison of good deeds and great accomplishments. 

The above article includes detailed explanations from Hebraic experts from Mark Biltz and Curt Landry – Jews from birth, experts i the Hebrew Calendar and Hebrew.

It is essential that we know the times an seasons, given these perilous times, lest we be found like the foolish virgins without oil in our lamps.  The understanding of the Hebrew Calendar is essential.  The reader will realize the vast advanced level of prophetical understanding of times demonstrated between Pat Robertson,  Mark Biltz and Curt Landry.

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