What does Passover Mean?


Depending on whether we are raised in Western Christianity or Europe, the Middle East or the Far East, Passover could mean anything from the greatest message from our Creator God Yahweh, or nothing. Interesting thing is all of us think we have are the “chosen”, so what does Yahweh say?

What do you think? Give us your take on it…a suggestion – start by reading the book of Genesis and Exodus.

HINT:  Having been raised a Roman Catholic, went Evangelical, then was challenged to investigate the scientific, mathematic and cosmological signs in the heavens, I went on a personal mission to investigate the Passover.  What I discovered stunned me!  I discovered the Passover was more than the tip of the iceberg…it was like the tip of Mt. Everest. I have grown to love Passover and it’s Yahweh’s “feasts”, [although in Hebrew they’re called an “intermission”] as well.

I discovered I was a bit cheated having believed in a man-made tradition, while Yahweh Himself invites us to take a chill-pill, … a vacation THREE times per year for about a week at a time – Passover (Spring), Shavuot (Summer) (Pentecost) and Trumpets (Fall), instead of the puny 1 day vacations about two days per year named after Pagan feasts. Maybe our Creator God Elohim – Yahweh has a bit of party animal in Him? Hey it doesn’t get any cooler than that!

The surface celebration aside – but the “Feasts” are Sabbath days.. are no surface celebration; Yahweh judged Israel for profaning the Sabbath. So, what I found about Messiah from the foundation of the World, then in Egypt while the Children put the Lamb’s blood on the doorpost, then Yeshua’s precision timed entry into Jerusalem, holds even more life changing power than I ever imagined.  That’s why He said to Moses, “I am that I am.” He didn’t say I was, or will be, or could be… He said I AM.