Fatherless Fathers Day Foul Followup Fellowship of Believers Sarasota, FL GRADE “F”

Fatherless Fathers Day Foul Followup Fellowship of Believers Sarasota, FL GRADE “F”

June 21, 2016

Ex 22:22 (NASB)  You shall not afflict any widow or orphan.
23  If you afflict him at all, and if he does cry out to Me, I will surely hear his cry;
24  and My anger will be kindled, and I will kill you with the sword, and your wives shall become widows and your children fatherless.
Exodus 22:22-24 (NASB)

Fatherless Fathers Day Foul Followup Fellowship of Believers Sarasota, FL GRADE "F"Under penalty of perjury do I swear the following is true and correct:

I am the father of our son.  His name is or was mine.  We see in the scripture above Yahweh does not pull his punches when he talks about his outrage toward those who oppress the orphan and widow.

As of this date above the organized local Christian churches have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the cry of the fatherless, their fathers and mothers, described as follows.  This sociopathic callousness borders on complicitness as if they allowed cruel child abuse to continue in their midst.



Fellowship of Believers

Sarasota, Fl



Tom Wilhoit, Assistant Don Lafler

Singles:  John P, Debra Fauxhall




This document testifies that Pastor Wilhoit above and Lafler have knowledge dating back approximately 15 years of my relationship with my son, and the ongoing legal orgy of unconstrained litigation, legal and financial abuse, combined with out of control interference between father and son. These pastors also have knowledge that no probable cause is present.

As pastors, these men know well that “pure and undefiled religion is toward the fatherless and widow”.  Far too long have churches like this turned a blind eye and deaf ear toward the orphan, which my son is by design of the wicked family court system who have waged a scorched earth policy of total destruction on our families and children, even their lives under the color of [family] law or pro abortion.

Recently about 2 weeks ago, a random meeting with Pastor Wilhoit at a Subway restaurant, Pastor smiled, said hello, asked me how my son is.  I said I haven’t seen him 4 ½ years, destroyed health, family, name and career.  Pastor Wilhoit gave little acknowledgement of the ongoing abuse.

Pastor Wilhoit failed to ask where I am going to church, did not invite me, did not offer any family, employment or employment leads knowing my home is in foreclosure.


1.                 The Second Outrage is Toward the Fellowship of Believer’s Church Singles Group Leaders.


Friday June 15, 2016 I sent a text invite to the singles leader for the “Fatherless Fathers Day Rally Bradenton”.  Response was “if I wasn’t so swamped, I would”.  In other words, your children and the fatherless, the abused children, those parents and their abused children at the hand of the corrupt State Family Courts are of no concern to me, I’m too busy.  It would have taken 15 minutes or so to make a few calls and get on Facebook to put together a group of people but he did NOTHING but offer excuses.

This is not an isolated incident.  In my 14 years in Sarasota, this is a church that if you need employment, help getting through a corrupt family corrupt or other matter, the best you’ll get is a bag of groceries, a pat on the head and a “be warm and filled” word.  Meanwhile, some “members” have jumped off the Skyway bridge.  However, they have lots of trifling criticism by groups like Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Perhaps if there were genuine actions on the part of these cowards people might be attracted to church again.

Fellowship of Believers