grade FCRC grade: F

  • Churchface rating: 9.2

  • Severe churchface,

  • Gross error.

Rich Wilkerson Jr, Pastor recently hit the Churchface Tripwire saying, 

“The law doesn’t work”, – Rich Wilkerson Jr. on TBN.

Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr, states “the law doesn’t work”, similar premise other hyper grace heretics preach. Perhaps if anything doesn’t work, it is more likely Rich’s conclusion based on ignorance and a gross misunderstanding of the Torah.

Consider: the Old Testament more accurately describes the “law” as a teacher, not the “law”.  Considering the difference between a policeman and a teacher is enormous, for entirely different purposes and functions.  Whether or not we consider the Torah as the “law” or a “teacher”, Rich’es sillogism fails.

  1.  Whether or not the Torah is the “law” or a “teacher”, Pastor Rich just threw the Torah in the garbage can.  If the Torah “doesn’t work” we must consider for what purpose we expect the “law” to perform,
  2. If we expect the law to perform as a policemen, then we have just thrown out the basis for every law from the Magna Carta to the U.S constitution; the conclusion of Pastor Rich’es fallacious syllogism is anarchy. The Torah – 1st Five books of the Bible the Torah are disparaged and profaned; no small thing.  We have also declared every policemen and government is the result of a misplaced error, then the continuing conclusion is that anything you wish to do is ok, you are the god of your own destiny…sound familiar? Yes – the satanic bible.
  3. If we expect the law to perform as a teacher, then Pastor Rich’s conclusion just threw the teacher out of our classroom and every other classroom throughout history, tarring and feathering them as ignorant, incompetent bafoons who have never had any relevance or correctness; there is no knowledge – we create it ourself, no truth, it is all subjective, no matter what lawless deeds we do we will arrive in Yahweh’s paradise because there is no longer any sin.
  4. If we teach others the “law doesn’t work”, we then teach others to violate the law with impunity.  Yeshua says he who teaches others to violate the law, he shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven.
  5. Conclusion: Pastor Rich’s statement “The law doesn’t work”, parallels a carpenter who picks up a hammer, trying to paint a door with it then says the hammer doesn’t work.  Anyone can see the hammer works for what it is designed; similar to the law.  The law is a teacher; if it doesn’t work then Yahweh is a deceiver and a liar. If it does work then Pastor Rich is grossly in error.  The law teaches us to know and fear Yahweh, that is the purpose for which Yahweh created it.  David says in Psalm 119, he “loves thy law.  Yeshua says  His yoke is easy and burden is light. I personally attest Yahweh’s Torah is a light burden; however, His grace is available when – not if, I fall short.
  6. The entire issue is to large to cover in this blog article without further reading; however, this article should serve as a watchmen’s warning before he buy’s off on the fallacy that the “law doesn’t work”.
  7. Suggested reading –

    The Four Blood Moons, by Cyrus King,

    downloadable on Amazon or Smashwords.

  8.   May Yahweh help relieve the reader from the confusion of error.

Please comment your beliefs below!

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