Church Report Card Gary Woodroffe

Jehovah’s Witnesses

JW’s get a B – above average,

Churchface rating 2.5.

JW’s get a low churchface rating having proved themselves over the 6 years this author has met regularly with the Sarasota, Fl group.  The JW’s are by far the most organized,  group on any level whether faith based or secular. Their infrastructure is some of the most efficient, humble and well kept I have ever seen.  A single modest building seating approximately 300 people typically serves about 4 congregations.  Do the math and you find these under the radar congregations are mega churches in cognito.

The JW’s do not take offerings, cajole, beg, manipulate or scheme for money; yet, they are remarkably prosperous.

Aside from the physical, the JW’s have demonstrated themselves as people who Keep Their Word.  I can depend on them to keep their commitments.

The JW’s keep their kids in their meetings.  The children demonstrate remarkable courtesy and intelligence; participating in the main services along with the adults.  The radiate the fact they are treated with respect by their parents.

While we may not agree with some doctrines taught by the JW’s; this author has discovered that when compared against the eternal standard of scripture,  I have been taught error that I have had to relearn.  Overall, the JW’s are far closer to the true scriptural standard than the western babylonian churches.

Perhaps the weakest link in the JW’s goes to replacement theology; they believe they have replaced Israel which leads to a string of fallacious syllogisms.

If the JW’s would honor the Seventh Day Sabbath they would likely find a stunning transformation at the spiritual level as I have; and still in process of Yahweh’s unfolding to me.

It is a sad situation the high level of stigma between the church and the JW’s.  The JW’s have brought profound blessings to maintaining religious liberty at the U.S Supreme court level.  It is said by a Supreme Court Judge the JW’s should get an award for their maintaining 1st amendment rights.

Overall, the JW’s well thought out mental decisions, hospitality, reasonable decisions and vibrant social atmosphere in their services are remarkable and well worth stepping outside our narrow prejudice and learn from the JW’s.





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