Trinity Broadcasting Network

ChurchFace Rating 6.5

TBN gets a fairly high Churchface rating because in this author’s perspective, many of the main things aren’t the main things.  Matt Crouch appears enamored and mesmorized with technologies, satellites, cameras, production techniques, but bottom line TBN’s content is still anemic.  Many TBN preachers veer off into rabbit trail rants of hyper grace without having thought through what they are fully saying and teaching; not considering they may be indicting themselves by what they teach.

Much of the Churchface on TBN appears to be driven who has the money to afford their airtime, rather than who lays down the real in-your-face meat and potatoes messages, designed by the Ruach to change lives. The result is many of the hyper-grace teachers give us cotton candy, ice cream and rock and roll for dinner.  I like Rock n Roll, am a musician, but you need more music that says something …maybe like the Martins.  Many old school musician’s are fine but Yahweh still says Sing a New Song! He apparently gets tired of pablum music too. Music is the side dish though not usually meat.

Example: several of the teachers bad mouth and disparage the Blood Moons.  One teach actually teaches the Blood Moons fall on Easter and Christmas.  Others go into a full tilt ignorant rant misleading people without understanding the intersection of Math, Science and Scripture Yahweh so magnificently engineered from creation. On the other hand, profound generals such as Mark Blitz are walking away with the TBN audience because we’re sick and tired of Churchface rants void of fact, reason and discernment of the times and seasons like the sons of Issachar demonstrated.  Case in point: the western Christianity knows nearly nothing about the Hebrew calendar.  How do we expect to know the “times and seasons” when we don’t even understand Yahweh’s Calendar?

Other essential issues are glaringly missing from TBN such as

  • 1. The Fatherless Crisis – here Yahweh has the U.S in its crosshairs – just read Malach 4.6, and
  • 2, Government corruption.  Here we have actors who have engineered a Middle East genocide that eclipses the Nazi holocaust; yet, TBN is silent, and
  • 3. the mainstream propaganda machine such as CNBC recently pulled an under the radar censorship stunt by charging a huge admission ticket so we couldn’t watch the GOP debates.  If I were a betting man I would say they would have blasted it out free if it was a democratic party “debate” (propaganda stunt).

TBN – if you’re listening out there, this nation has one foot in hell and the other on a banana peel. Simply put much of your content is irrelevant Churchface pablum.  Your singing Amazing Grace while the planet gets overrun by murderous pagans. We need high powered salt, not pablum. We are literally facing the loss of our constitution and our nation.  Wake up, get salty. Give us meat, potatoes and vegetables, no more hypergrace pablum (it’s worse than that Jim…)

Suggest teachers like

  • Chuck Missler,
  • Dr. Mark Brown and
  • Mark Biltz to name a few.

If necessary hire some scouts to find someone who has someone to say, not just a fat wallet. Teach the Torah, not pagan Babylonian abominations.  I left Babylon on Passover 2014.


Church Report Card.