The River Church Rodney Howard Browne Pastor Todd and Katie Holmes

Grade F. The River Church Rodney Howard Browne – Dr. Pastor Todd and Katie Holmes, Revival Ministries, Tampa, FL


Under penalty of perjury do I swear the following is true and correct:

AVNETNEWS .  Grade F – This author witnesses that Rodney Howard-Browne complicit with Pastor Todd Holmes, threw 24.5 million orphans who never get to see their fathers under the bus late 2013.  Bible school student was humiliated, shamed and rejected for having one beer over a three month time frame.  The student as a seasoned engineer, producer, writer, arranger and journalist was on the cusp of a media project addressing fatherlessness and orphans, the family court shortcomings or much worse, which now has brought our nation to a precipice of destruction, overlooking they abyss while parental alienation, fatherlessness and child trafficking run rampant in our own backyard of Tampa, Florida, USA.

Grade F. The River Church Rodney Howard Browne – Dr. Pastor Todd and Katie Holmes

Here is a church that manufactures fictional rules and regulations in the same religious manner they preach against, while throwing widows, orphans and those who are trying to rebuild their life based on a long history and track record of integrity, all goes under the bus.  The abomination here is that 24.5 million children now are deprived of the voice they nearly had because of the “religion” that they have employed to hijack any sense of the weightier matters of Truth, Justice and Mercy Jesus spoke about to the Pharisees in his blistering rebuke.  The reader should note without question this author has his shortcomings and regrets; however, Jesus taught and spoke many examples contradicting the hypocrisy demonstrated at the River church and Todd Holmes – Dean of the River Church Bible School.

Additionally, this author witnessed sermons in the context of weight loss, so vulgar that it left members of the bible school audibly gasping and horrified, netiher is the staff is not available for consultation or mentoring at the River Church or Faith Life Church.   Essentially they operate as untouchable rock stars.

Musically, the worship leaders stated personally to this author, the policy of this churches music is to eliminate all songs in a minor key.  This author, as a blues musician, is left breathless, having viewed another “religious” rule censoring the music born out of the classic composers such as Beethoven, Bach as well as the soulful blues we all love now which has given birth to our Gospel genre, having been birthed out of the fiery suffering of the Negro slaves over 400 years of suffering.  The ignorance of this religious entity is truly breathtaking.

This churches religious bondage  supports an alcohol free dictate not found anywhere in scripture. It is another man-made heavy burden contrary to any scriptural support, not found anywhere in the bible.  Their alcohol free dictate is totally, completely a man-made invention contrived by the staff at the River Church.  However; this author realizes that drunkenness is clearly forbidden by scripture.   Nor did Jesus set the example that anyones sins dating back nearly 30 years should be published publicly under the color of “honesty” – another heavy burden unbearable and repugnant to scriptural example taught by Jesus.

The ignorant stupidity here coming down from the top has banned all songs in a minor key in their worship services. As an experienced musician, worshiper, and engineer we at CRC cannot find the words for this profanity.

It is learned Dr. Todd Holmes studied under Kieth Moore at Faith Life Church while he taught at Rhema Bible School.

The author does not recommend any reader’s fellowship with the River church, for their own well being and emotionally safety.