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Under penalty of perjury I do swear the following is true and correct.

I was a member of the Faith Life Church Sarasota for approximately two years and eight months, attended regularly Friday and Sunday services.  While the teaching from the pulpit was above average even exceptional, a huge chasm exists what is taught and what is practiced.  As a seasoned IT professional with approximately twenty years in Fortune companies in Silicon Valley, I was repeatedly passed over for volunteer opportunities while listening to repeated desperate pleas from the pulpit for IT, Audio, Video and musicians, all of which I am well skilled, by no means egotistical or prideful.

Rather than open opportunities in the FLC IT, Audio, Video or Musician I was assigned the parking lot.  This asinine waste of talent challenges my conscience as a christian as to how I will give account at judgement working in the parking lot while desperate media needs go unfilled. It is clear this author will never be welcome at FLC. When I was unable to drive, FLC made no attempt to provide transportation to services; instead I was abandoned.

Profound stupidity and poor management exists in the management of this ministry,  profane the needs of the target audience regarding highly skilled persons in great need assigned to mundane positions as self appointed policemen to test their character, while the needs of the target audience go unfulfilled.

Children and Fathers Projects Thrown Under the Bus

Public record says approximately 24.5 million children never get to see or hear from their fathers in one year.  It is government sponsored war on children, families, creating orphans by morphing children into a commodity; a scandal that rivals the slavery problem in the south in the 1850’s resulting in the civil war.  This author had seedling media opportunities with media, production and state legislators to address those orphans; instead, Ms. Phyllis Moore listened with deaf ears for a few minutes throwing the “Why Dads Matter” project under the bus, and the 24.5 million orphans because she insists God told her I should work in the parking lot, trouble is I didn’t hear God tell me that.  How does that work? God tells her what is God’s will for my life but doesn’t tell me??? Hmmm…

This took place while this member’s home is in foreclosure, unemployed, unemployable,  profound violations of civil rights by the State of Florida that rival any third world dictatorship or Jim Crow law, family destroyed, children alienated.   The Moore things change, the Moore things stay the same; I was treated like a subhuman Dred v Scott slave.

Corporate Jets, Million Dollar Offerings to Ken Copeland Ministries While Members go Unemployed, Water and Power Shut Off

FLC collects and gives away million dollar offerings to Ken Copeland ministries.  What a nice thing you say? Well think about it… since Ken Copeland has a bigger ministry, these gifts are highly self serving from the Moore’s point of view.  This author’s power and water was shut off over the period of several months while FLC donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to other “ministries” that will promote theirs – such as the “Branson Victory Campaign” which took place at Faith Life Church Branson, during the time when this members power and water is shut off.  Several emergency phone calls were received by lower staff, returned then ignored, no follow ups.  Instead relief came through an acquaintance who is a former alcoholic.

The Moore’s are quite happy about getting multi million dollar building projects completed ahead of schedule; however, these projects leave a sour taste in my outraged mouth while my home is in foreclosure, unemployed and family destroyed; while millions of orphans are thrown under the bus.

Treated With Avoidance and Barely Tolerated

I repeatedly attempted to build relationships with lower staff attempting to establish accountability and genuine relationships in order to regain a sense of order from the profound destruction to my Bill of Rights by the State of Florida.  Instead, staff repeatedly avoided any communication or conversation, repeatedly interrupted and walked away during sentences and conversation, no follow up or accountability during profoundly weighty matters by scriptural standards including “Truth, Justice and Mercy”.

Ms. Moore leverages the scripture saying she has the right to dictated what is God’s will for your life, saying that she will “give account” ;however, that doesn’t take into consideration that verse in Hebrews taken in context requires that level accountability in a context of mentorship, relationship and humble servant hood, which she clearly does not demonstrate, neither does the staff since they follow their leaders; instead, excessive emphasis is placed on their building projects while members are unemployed having highly relevant skills, families destroyed and their children orphanized by the heavy hand of the state of Florida, which their silence rivals the graves of those children and fathers whom have committed suicide resulting from the burden the orphan placed on them by design.  FLC threw them all under the bus by throwing “Why Dads Matter” under the bus.

The “I” word is a sin at FLC.  Any reference to “I” is automatically rejected as prideful.  The result is anyone who dares to use the word “I” is shamed and that person rejected and ostracized.  It is then impossible to reconcile how we are to “Love our Neighbor as Ourselves” as Christ taught.  That member then sinks deeper into shame and isolation while they fly their corporate jets.

Staff Acts With Fear

The FLC staff acts as though they are filled with fear from the members of the congregation.  Few if any are available for contact before or after services or during the week.  They rarely if ever answer phone calls or emails.  Pastor Keith disappears behind the curtain after the sermon like the wizard of oz, never to be seen or heard from after the service.  The staff are not much different.

In Summary…

Should any of the above claims are contradicted by fact, this author will promptly remove them with a following recant of those matters.   FLC – Grade F.

I leave the following scriptures; they need no commentary:


Ex 22:22 (NASB)  You shall not afflict any widow or orphan.
23  If you afflict him at all, and if he does cry out to Me, I will surely hear his cry;
Exodus 22:22-23 (NASB)

8 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.
9 Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.
10 Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies.
11 Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life.

Mal 4:6

Isaiah 11:4 (NASB)

Jer 22:3 (KJV) Thus saith the LORD; Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor: and do no wrong, do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, nor the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place.
Jeremiah 22:3 (KJV)

Am 5:14 (NASB) Seek good and not evil, that you may live; And thus may the LORD God of hosts be with you, Just as you have said!
15 Hate evil, love good, And establish justice in the gate! Perhaps the LORD God of hosts May be gracious to the remnant of Joseph.
16 Therefore thus says the LORD God of hosts, the Lord, “There is wailing in all the plazas, And in all the streets they say, ‘Alas! Alas!’ They also call the farmer to mourning And professional mourners to lamentation.
Amos 5:14-16 (NASB

Isaiah 11:4
4 But with righteousness He will judge the poor, And decide with fairness for the afflicted of the earth; And He will strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, And with the breath of His lips He will slay the wicked.
Isaiah 3:13-15 (NASB)
13 The LORD arises to contend, And stands to judge the people.
14 The LORD enters into judgment with the elders and princes of His people, “It is you who have devoured the vineyard; The plunder of the poor is in your houses.
15 “What do you mean by crushing My people And grinding the face of the poor?” Declares the Lord GOD of hosts

Isaiah 3:16-26 (NASB)
16 Moreover, the LORD said, “Because the daughters of Zion are proud And walk with heads held high and seductive eyes, And go along with mincing steps And tinkle the bangles on their feet,
17 Therefore the Lord will afflict the scalp of the daughters of Zion with scabs, And the LORD will make their foreheads bare.”
18 In that day the Lord will take away the beauty of their anklets, headbands, crescent ornaments,
19 dangling earrings, bracelets, veils,
20 headdresses, ankle chains, sashes, perfume boxes, amulets,
21 finger rings, nose rings,
22 festal robes, outer tunics, cloaks, money purses,
23 hand mirrors, undergarments, turbans and veils.
24 Now it will come about that instead of sweet perfume there will be putrefaction; Instead of a belt, a rope; Instead of well-set hair, a plucked-out scalp; Instead of fine clothes, a donning of sackcloth; And branding instead of beauty.
25 Your men will fall by the sword And your mighty ones in battle.
26 And her gates will lament and mourn, And deserted she will sit on the ground.


Isaiah 3:14

Isaiah 3:13-15 (NASB)
13 The LORD arises to contend, And stands to judge the people.
14 The LORD enters into judgment with the elders and princes of His people, “It is you who have devoured the vineyard; The plunder of the poor is in your houses.
15 “What do you mean by crushing My people And grinding the face of the poor?” Declares the Lord GOD of hosts.


Hosea 4:1-4 (NASB)
1 Listen to the word of the LORD, O sons of Israel, For the LORD has a case against the inhabitants of the land, Because there is no faithfulness or kindness Or knowledge of God in the land.
2 There is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed.
3 Therefore the land mourns, And everyone who lives in it languishes Along with the beasts of the field and the birds of the sky, And also the fish of the sea disappear.
4 Yet let no one find fault, and let none offer reproof; For your people are like those who contend with the priest.

Isa 1:17 (KJV) Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.
Isaiah 1:17 (KJV)


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  1. While you say you are not egotistical or prideful, you refer to not being given a job you want, as a waste of your talent. I understand you are skilled at a particular area of work within the church, however, have you ever considered that f you are faithful in doing what you’re initially assigned to i.e. parking, then God would honour that and promote you onto other things in His time? Perhaps he wanted you to be humble, to serve doing something else for whatever amount of time while he prepared ground for something else. I say this only because this is certainly a lesson I have learned in my life and I have seen many people walk away from churches because they didn’t get their own way when in fact God was preparing something much bigger for them. Perhaps God wanted you somewhere else down the track but for now he wanted you to be faithful in something else. It’s not unusual for God to work in this way and it’s very unlikely for you to have missed God’s calling and have to give judgement for working in a parking lot because a church leader got it wrong. Did you pray for the Moore’s in this situation? Did you exercise love and patience at all times as well as faith in God to move you to the right place in the right time?
    I’m very sorry for your financial troubles but surely The Moore’s are not your financial supply, but God himself is, through whomever He chooses to use or however he chooses to provide.. Did you expect the Moore’s to provide for you? I certainly wouldn’t because they are not my source.
    I am not surprised the pastor leaves after the service. This is not unusual behavior. He would be swamped by people for hours if he remained and he has things to do. Everything you need is probably covered in his excellent teachings. I’m really genuinely sorry about your experience here but remember to put God in first place and remembers humans are human!
    You seem to be wanting the church and the leaders to meet your needs and you have left because that didn’t happy. Along with the open criticism it’s a real shame and I hope you find a church that works for you, along with the blessings that God wants you to have – in His way and in His time.
    many blessings to you.

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    1. High Dollar Cronieism, Fatherless and Widows Are thrown under the Bus.

      I maintain that I sat through unpublished services in FLC Sarasota while Keith Moore divulged multiple times of donations of $1,000,000 or more (1 million dollars) to Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Ok fine….however, when I am sitting home, unemployed, unemployable, while the state of Florida makes it impossible for me to keep my lights and water on, suspends my drivers license, leaves me home with lights off and water turned off while they build million dollar building projects, giving million dollar gifts to their cronies I have a problem with that. My phone calls and requests for help were ignored, meanwhile they fly off to all parts of the world in their corporate jets. Neither did anyone offer to pick me up for church when I couldn’t get there. Ya’ know who’s always been there? The one’s they will rail on – the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      Apparently what they teach about being “led by the spirit” isn’t practiced in the management of the church. Week after week I hear desperate pleading for IT people, musicians, camera operators and sound people – all of which I am seasoned and experienced. Meanwhile multiple offers to volunteer were ignored. Ms. Moore claims in the midst of her resentment about being separated from her husband on Sundays, that “God told her to put me in the parking lot.” well, sorry Ms. Moore, God didn’t send me that memo. He told me different. One of us didn’t hear God correctly. I submit that according to the Word of God I am the king and priest according to the Blood of Christ so the buck stops here when it comes to hearing God tell me what He wants me to do. Anything other than that is a false gospel and a cult – which I by God’s grace I have barely escaped several and studied so that I can identify them in the future. If you believe as church authority I am incorrect then that is also valid in the context of a relationship of mentorship built on prayer, instruction, trust, based on the solid Word of God not handing down dictates that defy reason, squandering talents while orphans and fathers commit suicide.

      Here’s The Deal Breaker: Fatherless, Orphan Children

      If you are able to dance around the above issues that defy scripture and reason, the fact is that 24.5 million orphans are created by insidious design of our corrupt family courts including my son and many others I know first hand who are alienated from their child and their child is brainwashed by hostile parents that employ toxic, highly addictive psychotropic drugs, many of which contain amphetamines; follow the money.

      Child suicide is the second highest cause of death in our young people, although people in authority would rather those facts not be published because it exposes their insidious modus operandi. FLC would rather not get their pretty little hands dirty in this mess which 24.5 million children with no choice and no voice can’t begin to speak about. These kids and parents without knowledge or skills to fight for their kids are bought and sold like a Jim Crow commodity in the 1850’s auction block of the fugitive slave movement. Then along came the Civil war where 800,000 Americans died b/c we didn’t get the memo. The scope of the fatherless children crisis now eclipses the slavery movement of the 1800’s.

      I happen to be a freelance journalist; I have witnessed first hand over my 2 1/2 years of regular church attendance that FLC would rather throw these helpless ones under their church bus b/c they think God told me to go to the parking lot. I say the written Word of God says different. Their M.O for blind submission is a carryover from the heretical discipleship days of the ’80’s where blind submission was the toxic brew generated by multiple cults from the Jesus movement of the ’70’s, as well as the same toxic brew practiced by the Nazi’s; their defense in the Nuremberg trials was “I was only following orders.”

      “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” – Hillary Clinton

      The same illogical doctrine of asinine blind submission, squandered stewardship applies where we all will give account before Christ for what we did with our abilities and resources. Lets just take a senior chef and tell him to wash dishes while people starve, or let’s tell a brain surgeon to pick up dog poop while people die on the operating table. God gave us a brain. He says “come now, let us REASON together…” i.e. let’s not be stupid and illogical. Let’s use our brains, this really isn’t that spiritually elusive or complicated. If we’re a farmer then lets farm to the best our abilities in the church and outside of it; don’t tell a farmer to be a mechanic or a school teacher, so why put an IT professional in the parking lot while your network crashes, your video link fails repeatedly during services, your routers are configured incorrectly, you contradict yourselves while musicians, sound, camera volunteers burn out after telling the congregation you are looking for a team of 3 to rotate, while asinine decisions about website copyrights are made, anointed accomplished musicians sit idly in the congregations, sound boards go unattended, camera operators are lacking all the while desperate pleas are made from the pulpit.

      I submit to the reader those desperate pleas from the pulpit for volunteers are nothing more than them testifying against themselves. They will give account why those much needed skills went unfulfilled while those talents of talented people were squandered on asinine foolishness beyond reason. Bottom line here is that orphans, fathers and widows commit suicide, are dying while we play church (CHILDREN ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE- THE SECOND HIGHEST CAUSE OF DEATH IN OUR YOUTH)… while churches like this are stuck on stupid or worse – we get on a bus where the driver deceives himself thinking he (FLC Staff) is doing the will of God but isn’t, driving while blind while we are the passengers; yet, we are not only the passengers, we hold the CDL license to drive our own bus (through the blood of Christ as a king and priest to go directly before Yahweh Himself) with our eyes open, so why do we let the blind man drive the bus???

      I maintain this church and their cronies get an “f” grade while widows (fathers) and orphans are run over by their church bus. Oh sorry, FLC doesn’t have a church bus. They shoot their wounded and their children too.



      1. Keith more is about as ignorant,too the Bible as any so called Rev,that I have ever met..and his wife is completely insane.There two hustlers that are getting rich off people that dont know there Bible.Wake up and leave those two fruit cakes.They are about money and thats all. you bought those two jets he owns.and you also bought the big ranch those two idiots own in Florida ,and the big church he owns there also.!!! Brad L stemple


      2. It doesn’t seem to register that you were at a “Word of FAITH ” Church . That’s means your Job /talents are not your Source. Your lights and water should have been addressed by faith as well. Believing God, not believing that people with the church were to meet your needs. God could use them but your trust was in your ability to make a living and in your talents and even people that not of faith, that is striving in the flesh and ” let us reason together “is not about you using your brain, it’s about the Spirit of God speaking to you in how to overcome circumstances /situations . And going at it the way you were tells me that you certainly didn’t take advantage of the free word to grow up in Christ. But this is why people in your situation get hurt because your faith missplaced . Those who lose their lives will save it but those try to save their lives will lose it. According to the word :we are to work that we may have to give and in doing so God will make sure our needs are meet. Go back.. Faith is what needed for everything in God.. Faith comes by hearing and Hearing by the word of God. Offense/unforgiveness are two of the devils’ most used devices (that we are not ignorant of) . These people did not do you wrong. You did you wrong because it is obvious you had an agenda other than being and doing what God wanted you to do. I’m not trying to be mean or un-compassionate but you need to get into the word and get the word in you, if you are to move forward in God and Christ.

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      3. I think you blur the lines about what “reason” actually is. As I understand, reason is the process of vetting 2 or more set of facts or allegations in the context of the law of non contradiction. When that syllogism is processed with a coherent conclusion, that syllogism can be accepted as true. The “reason” process takes a brain to be able to process a set of facts or allegations. That is where you cross the line into faith without facts, trying to reverse engineer the process starting wtih faith and working backwards. OK you can do that but you may arrive at a fallacy without knowing it because you haven’t vetted the facts. If A and if B are true then C is true. That’s where Faith life goes off the rails. I believe history and scripture tells us we are going to have to accept a huge part of our destination based on personal responsibility for our own choices; whether or not those choices are based on truth of fallacy; that requires reason and a sense of personal responsibility. I am 63; have seen cults and quasi cults demand blind obedience where that shill left hundreds dead (physically) and lives destroyed for generations. Read about the Children of God originating in California ending up in Seattle in the early ’70’s. I was in Seattle in the middle of that mess. Many of my friends ended up dead over the next year. David Berg AKA “Moses” was a living, breathing monster who preyed on the women.

        I recall a few people saying “I was only following orders” in Nuremburg 1945. Ok partly true, they were “only following orders” but whose orders? A sheep knows his masters voice. A thief and a robber they will not follow. That’s where the final decision arrives directly in our lap. Those decisions whether based on truth or fallacy have consequences; sometimes we can’t take back. I will give Keith credit for attempting to teach that; I disagree that Phyllis and him follow that out in the administration of their church. Bottom line is when they repeatedly whined and snivelled about their [deprecated] technologies falling down around their ears and repeated the same shill they want a crew of additional musicians, while they helplessly pleaded for engineering help [which I am well able to step into with a measure of competency] they ignored repeated messages that I was available for services. Irrational? Absolutely. That syllogism doesn’t line up; ie there’s more to the story. I don’t buy the premise of “blind obedience” based on faith, parrotting out [misplaced] scripture. Id. Same goes for Parrothead Rodney Howard Brown (Keith’s former student) at Rhema Bible College.


      4. Hey Gary, the verse you used Come let us reason together was not amongst each other that was God saying “Come let us reason together: with Him” it’s an Invitation for us to get What we need from Him. We pray together but we read His word and meditate and Reason With Him.

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    2. Amen. And were you paying your tithes still? I know for a fact from my own experience of how God provides for you supernaturally when you do. His Word will not return to Him void. He will rebuke the devourer (lack is also) on your behalf. “Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me! But you say, ‘In what way have we robbed You?’ In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with a curse, For you have robbed Me, Even this whole nation. Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out for you such blessing That there will not be room enough to receive it. “And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, So that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, Nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,” Says the LORD of hosts; (‭Malachi‬ ‭3‬:‭8-11‬ NKJV)

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      1. So it’s my fault he throws my fatherless children and thousands of others under the bus? So your premise is that if I would stop robbing God and give money that everything will go fine? Absurd. Finances here are a minor issue. If there are any financial issues it concerns how he gave hundreds of thousands of dollars and several times millions into the Copeland ministry while my water was turned off, another time my power was turned off while he flies off in his corporate jet. BTW I was a committed member, didn’t even receive return calls for legitimate follow up from any staff. The primary issues are fatherlessness and the same tired status quo discipleshipship model where the peons kowtow to the church bosses who have no investment of time, energy or dialog. According to my understanding of scripture, the right a leader has to speak into my life is earned and demonstrated through trust, investment of time, effort and dialog not monolog hiding behind the pulpit, which Faith Life didn’t earn and had not the slightest effort. The concept of tithing as you teach is highly suspect since it is self serving.


      2. 2Co_1:4 Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

        Pay tithes? These were brought in yearly, under Moses it was 3 different up to 23%. Malachi the Lord said.

        Mal 3:9 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.
        Mal 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse……..

        God was telling the nation to bring all the tithe for that year.

        If you’re not a coward, I would certainly like to meet you. If you go to FLCB I am sure we might have met as I have been there since 2006.

        Your hearing the wrong thing, it’s not helpful at all.
        You can also reach me here.



      3. I have never attended FLCB Branson, nor ever been to Branson. I do not follow your references to the Tithe; the Tithe is irrelvent here; perhaps you are implying I fail to have enough to meet basic needs because I am not tithing. Your logic fails; blame the poor because they are poor; he must be at fault, it is his fault. The same fallacy is expressed in the book of Job, paraphrased… “Job – you are suffering because you must have sinned”, or the disciples asked “For what is this man sinned, that he has been born blind”…? If you don’t know the rest of Yeshua’s answer, you are disqualified. This is an underhanded way to push away responsible from helping those when you are able. How does the Love of God dwell in a man when he sees his brother in need and sends him away empty? …or send him away empty “be warm and filled” – James.


      4. Since the tithe played such an important part in the OT and in Judaism contemporary with early Christianity, it is surprising to discover that never once is tithing mentioned in any instructions given to the church. Jesus mentions scribes and Pharisees who tithe …, but he never commanded his disciples to tithe. The writer to the Hebrews refers to Abraham paying tithes to Melchizedek and Levi paying his tithe to Melchizedek through Abraham …, but he never taught his readers to follow their example. Paul writes about sharing material possessions to care for the needs of the poor … and to sustain the Christian ministry …. He urges and commends generosity … but never once does he demand, as a command from God, that any specific amount be given.


        1.Abraham never tithed on his own personal property or livestock.

        2.Jacob wouldn’t tithe until God blessed him first.

        3.Only Levite priests could collect tithes, and there are no Levite priests today.

        4.Only food products from the land were tithable.

        5.Money was never a tithable commodity.

        6.Christian converts were never asked to tithe anything to the Church.

        7.Tithing in the Church first appears centuries after completion of the Bible.


      Jenna, I totally agree.

      Faith pleases God. Faithfulness is necessary in order to fulfil God’s will on each of our lives. If they don’t pick you for an IT job and assign you to the car park, humble yourself and do the job in the car park. They probably and quite possibly were looking at your attitude and how you would respond. This same attitude is the attitude you will give to God and carry out into any other area of ministry they choose to promote you too.

      Don’t blame the Pastors and church. Be responsible and go to the Word and sow some seeds. The Word of God in the New Testament (as born again believers, we are in a new covenant) there is Mark 11:23-24/Luke 6:38.
      You need a job, send out resumes everywhere and speak that you have God’s favour upon your applications.
      Don’t just go to church and let the Word go to your head and not to your heart. Practice what you hear but don’t expect you return from the church. Expect it from God. Let your expectation be of God (Ps 62:5).

      Don’t complicate the things of God. Humble yourself and be faithful in the little things even when it doesn’t make sense.

      James 4:10
      Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up.

      If it’s too hard to do the car park, ask God for the grace (2 Cor 9:8) to do the task and He will help you and change your attitude to a one of “how dare they ask me to serve in the car park” to a one of “I get to do the car park for the Lord”.

      To finish off, it is an HONOUR to help out in the church car park, cleaning team, worship team, cafe team because we as believers don’t SERVE to please people. We serve to please God our Father because we LOVE and HONOUR God.

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      1. I am weary of being taught stupidity and poor stewardship under the color of faith. So if we are a medical doctor picking up dog poop in their parking lot while people die, we are going to stand before Yeshua and receive reward? So he will say “well done faithful servant” ” you were a medical doctor and a 1000 people died while you were picking up dog poop”.

        The point here is this – let got go of the stupidity, stop telling me it’s faithful to waste my talents while you whine and snivel week and week to gain people with my talents whom GOd has brought you. I say every time you solicit those volunteers you testify against yourself and testify of your breathtaking stupidity with breathtaking irrational inept stewardship. Meanwhile while you bask in millions of dollars and corporate jets, our nation decomposes, families are destroyed, children commit suicide and our courts are corrupt beyond measure while you focus on drivel.

        You call it pride b/c I won’t do stupid stuff. I call it stewardship. I will be the one to stand before Yeshua at the Bema seat for my actions, you will not give account much if at all for my actions. You call it pride, but I call your management callous, inept and abusive. You haven’t earned the place to speak into my life, you don’t want to counsel, just preach.


      2. Woodleg, you are right. It is mismanagement to not take advantage of one’s talent. I would not give any resources to an organization that is mismanaged.

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      3. Bianca, you are wrong. If a organization is mismanaged, you are free to leave it. I know that the Moore’s come from small town Mississippi and are uneducated folks, God bless them. Not all uneducated folks are goobers. Keith has a nice voice and I like his CD’s(I disagree with some of his teachings, like I do with everybody). I am an eclectic person and know how to pick and choose my parts, but being Peter, I would not get involved with Keith on other areas.


      4. Thank you, Jenna and Bianca. There is more to woodleg’s situation than he’s telling that has built up the past. Brother and Sister Moore uneducated? I think not. But highly anointed to follow the Holy Spirit as with God, all things are possible to him that believes. If following God is doing the possible, than why would we need faith? God doesn’t share His glory with anyone. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Woodleg has the same access to the Word as we do to follow. Brother Keith says we should search the scriptures if we question his teachings. I consider Brother and Sister Moore my spiritual parents and have great love and respect for them

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    4. Seems like the pat nice answer the sheeple get at FLC. Keith Vanishes, understandably. Nobody appears to take his place though. In fact, on the Need help “NOW” page there is no number, just a list of CD’s. One for suicide, so I guess if your about to blow your brains out, makes sense to download the CD on suicide and get it fixed, right?

      You know Paul who started many churches had a Pastor in place and they appointed elders that were always there to help with issues like these? At FLC there is ignorant staff that tell you not to confess that and suggest the CD you need. I know, been going there since 2006, and now both Churches are internet Cafe churches.

      You know Keith said you don’t love God if you don’t like the idea of coming to Church and watching your church on the internet? This was in Florida, and all the sheep laughed away, mindless, brainwashed.
      There are many in FLCB who would rather not watch Florida and have Dave, Jody, or someone there give the message. I always grab Keith online anyway, but their are many hurting and don’t have the foundation to understand, and no help in sight. Some strong people Kieth had in 2006 have long been fed up and left.

      [video src="" /]
      Listen to the end, it’s sad. It’s the Same method the SDA use on it’s members and youtube is filled with them on How they don’t even believe in God anymore.

      It’s not my Job to correct Keith, but despite these immature people who are disenchanted with the whole thing, I have seen this over and over. No matter how ignorant of the Word, they are still people.


    5. Amen. You were tested and found wanting. I was privileged to sit under keith’s ministry at Rhema. You would be privileged to serve in his parking lots or CLEAN TOILETS, Make no mistake about it. God’s ways are not like the world’s. Quoting scriptures to defend yourself isnt even Christlike. You dont know the mission of that church. Brother Keith is responsible for obeying that. You are responible for supporting the man of God. This ix an army, not a club. You dont decide your position. And there srd no unimportant positions in the body of Christ. By writing this article and slandering God’s annointed you out a stain on Jesus’ body, and i wouldnt want to be you in this late hour being critical of a member of the mjnistry. If you cant be happy with Keith Moore God help you. You dont realize what an opportunity you have squandered. As far as hobnobbing with staff, that isnt for you to force. If God wants that He will arrange the opportunity. GROW UP!

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      1. Trouble is… like Paul Harvey says [you don’t have] the rest of the story, so it seems you are judging me the same way you say I am “slandering” God’s anointed. Yeshua also says what you see done in secret shout it from the housetop, so here am I Lord! Just an independent journalist reporting the facts. Slander, per the Florida constitution, is only slander when what is published is not true. So I challenge you – what part of what I have said is not true?

        FYI I have reached hundreds of thousands of more people on the internet than I did in a parking lot. That’s called 1st amendment, freedom of the press, right to redress for a start, publishing, challenging Muslims online viewing their Haj live on Youtube, telling them about Yahweh’s love and Yeshua’s atonement, a completely foreign concept to them. I can’t do that from a parking lot.

        The Snowden movie tonight (an excellent movie – Oliver Stone) talks about the Nuremburg trials. The ultimate Nuremburg would be standing before Yeshua when He asks why were you standing out in the parking lot while these hundreds of thousands went without? O yea… I was just following [Brother Keith’s or Phyllis] orders…? I have read enough of the bible and smart enough (I know some people think it’s a sin to think) to understand thus far (63 yo) that I’m headed toward the finish line so like Shillary says, “don’t do stupid stuff.” However, in the middle of this mess my no. 1 goal is to hear Yahweh’s instruction. That’s been my goal for about 40 years now. Not always popular with the authoritarians but I see amazing things only Yahweh can do if I listen, but timing is everything.

        O yea, that thorny little issue of those snotty nosed little kids that have no voice, no choice and no dad. I can spend the next week telling you about the thousands of victimized parents and kids but if you’re ignorant you’ll blame the victim, kind of like Bro Keith when he went to a Prison ministry once. Or the Veteran suicide rate (22 per day) DIRECTLY related to corrupt family courts. Or child suicide rate? The church in general are comatose ostriches. They want to fly off in their corporate jets to get treated like royalty for a one time sermon in Africa while our Vets & their kids are killing themselves.

        Example: a year or so ago, a six year old boy in Western Oregon got up from watching cartoons with his 9 yo sister, went into their utility room, tied a belt around his neck and hung himself, during one of the millions of $ driven high conflict corrupt family court divorces. This story I lose it every time I recite it. I’m trying not to cuss at churches like FLC and their dirty toilets.


    6. does god not say the church should take care of widows and orphans. when on my own and thru no fault of my own after years of service to them i was told to go to go to social services can you really say they care. i did not even ask them for money just help by letting church members know i was trying to sell my personal property
      as usual no response.


    7. I agree, how sad that the author can see all of his fellow man’s faults but none of his own. Also, I am completely unsure why he thinks the church owes him anything.


  2. I haven’t attended Sarasota yet, but at Branson come offering time people should obey and hold their hand up when directed if they don’t have anything to give. Someone behind them will put cash in your hand. The ones giving like that are walking miracles, their own finances fixed that way. Then if you are in trouble, you should have let someone approach you at the altar, pray over you, then determine whether there is something available to minister to your needs, probably be taken out to eat after service, and likely see a plan unfold to get you on your feet.

    It is well understood that people have difficult problems that require multiple commitments to solve, but the one needing help is supposed to ask, the Bible way. So submit to the established way wherever you end up next, or go back to Sarasota, then yield to the ministry and how they are led to work with you.

    But, we hear most folks say “I’m OK, really, just didn’t come prepared”, while hurting much. Folks are so full of pride, will ride that horse right into the pits. We won’t help those not willing to cooperate.

    An IT guy holds a ministry in his hands. He needs to move up to higher ministry as found faithful in the little, like helping with parking, which is a tough job I know some CEOs have done. I recommend an attitude check.

    We built a children’s home in Nepal that wasn’t hurt in the earthquake. There’s so many helps to people world-wide they can’t be written up in a library of books, and that’s true for KCM and others like them. Big ministries with big projects often need a bump from another, working closely together to get the gospel into the world. Small local churches are barely surviving, most not growing, 7,000 a year closing doors in America. Power to make a difference is in the really active churches that are growing in leaps and bounds, needing ever larger meeting facilities. I don’t condemn success.

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    1. Having attended Sarasota FLC for nearly 3 years, I lived in constant need for family, financial; career destroyed, unemployable (not just unemployed) adolescent son alienated due to the breathtakingly Jim Crow family court; in the midst of family, financial and legal crisis I repeatedly had staff walk away in the middle of a sentence. I was treated like a leper.

      When my lights were turned off for inability to pay, the FLC staff failed to keep their promise to return my call; same thing with my water about a month later; meanwhile, Pastor Keith and Phyllis are flying off to Africa in the corporate jet. That all comes within a year of hundreds of thousands of dollars given to other churches for building projects; in one unpublicized anouncment Pastor Keith announced a $1,000,000 donation to Ken Copeland ministries. I find it repugnant that FLC won’t help keep a member’s lights on, water on, help keep their children safe and sane; instead, cronyism to scratch each others backs reaches a new low.

      Concerning being “led by the Spirit”; I learned that all gets left at the church door. At the door you leave your bible, your brain, your money, your family because absolute blind obedience is required where staff justifies their authority saying “we have to give account for you as leaders.” The hypocrisy there is breathaking when I struggle 24 x7 to hear and walk in Gods voice then to be insulted and disparaged with no interaction, mentoring or teaching to interact with the leaders. The leadership structure is a throwback to the ’80’s discipleship failure where millions were alienated by leaders malfeasant asinine, contrary to scripture decisions. Let me explain:

      Yahweh judged Israel for corrupt courts who robbed and plundered widows and fatherless. Hello earth to FLC! We have a Jim Crow family crisis that eclipses the 1850’s slavery. Families, children, fortunes are nothing more than a commodity when they walk into family court. . FLC like 99% of the other churches are nothing more than a complicit ostrich. They fiddle while our children, constitution, families and children are sold on the slave auction block of famliy court.

      Don’t sit there and look at me like the RCA dog; if you say I know nothing about this you testify against yourself and FLC and milllions of other comatose complicit organized crime; if you say you did know then you still testify against yourself because you are knowingly complicit.

      HELLO EARTH TO FLC!. Have you checked out the Lunar Tetrad? The Passover? Shavuot? Fall Feasts? Four Blood Moons now happening on a few times in several thousand years? Do you think Yahweh is trying to say something? If you are ignorant you testify against yourself. Do you know the signs of the times like Isaachar and how to recognize them? Or still giving kids chocolate bunnies and celebrating pagan phallic trees with simulated testacles? Ever read Amos? I recall He said something like He HATES our stupid songs at our invented holidays He had nothing to do with.

      HELLO EARTH TO FLC! The U.S may be looking at a cataclysmic judgement very soon. Our Family destruction courts create millions of fatherless by design, not by war or disease but by their own wickedness which hit’s Yahweh’s trip wire.

      I tried repeatedly for years to get the message through to Phyllis an other staff that we had a media project in process to address the fatherless issue; instead, I as assigned to the parking lot even while they begged and pleaded for musicians, IT skills, camera talent, video production, audio engineering and web talent which as a seasoned unemployable engineer I was looking for purpose driven opportunities. Apparently leadership checked their brain in at the door because 24,000,000 kids, some are suicidal, millions of dads who are also suicidal and hopeless b/c of this Jim Crow family court system creates them with our tax dollars. ALL of them got thrown under the bus when I got put in the parking lot.

      I cannot be a part of the corrupt spiritual malfeasance at FLC; it needs to be published or changed! I have sounded the warning and the arrogant leadership are more concerned about corporate jets, building projects and crony buddies while our children hang themselves or blow their brains out or the corrupt family courts are a national scandal of biblical proportions, complicit with sociopath Jezebels as Yahweh describes in Amos. They hate men, children and families . The NAZI churches turned up the volume so they couldn’t hear the trains leave and people scream.

      Last I heard FLC still celebrates pagan feasts while profaning Yahweh’s true Sabbaths for which Israel was judged for. What makes us different? God change his mind? Where’s the verse that says “O you guys I was just kidding, I changed my mind, I didn’t really mean what I said about the Torah”. I have a choice to do a little to honor Yahweh, the fathers and fatherless; anything else is foolish and wreckless.

      Most people discount, disparage, insult, justify or make excuses based on men’s traditions. Having grown up as a confirmed Roman Catholic I know about tradition and paganism. Having discovered some Apriori truths not contrived by man, I made some changes based on fact based reason combining mathematics, science, scripture with reason and formal logic. If you have the courage, I challenge you to do the same. I will see your changes evident when you start honoring Yahweh’s Sabbath and not your contrived, pagan invention of man.


  3. Christ said to give to the poor, not to organized religion. Today, we have government programs in furtherance of Christ’s command. We also pay our taxes that support the programs for the poor, in furtherance of Christ’s and the Apostle Paul’s statements.
    Leave any organization that mistreats you. We live in a consumer society with many different churches to choose from. The early church had church in the home.


    1. THe more things change the more they stay the same. If FLC had to run a business they would be in bigger debt than the Federal govt. Stupid is as stupid does. What faith does it take to make stupid decisions? To let people suffer without water or power? Meanwhile FLC gives cronies Ken Copeland $1,000,000 (yes that’s one million) dollar gifts – I was a witness. Yea like he really needs it… ??? Huh?


    2. PETER who wrote on July 22, 2015 at 11:03 pm
      is right on the money ( no pun intended )
      and they are basically a heard of swinewho live in CHARLATANsville
      lookn for ” MOORE ” mammon / Levined DOUGH to roll around in ……
      they will have their day in front of ALMiGHTY God
      and it wont be pretty @ all ! ! !


  4. Keith actually mentions you in a recent sermon (well not used your name but the same circumstances). He talks about people getting hurt and quitting where God told them to go.

    Now I understand that Keith is just a man and of course he can miss it, but if you quit where the Lord had sent you because your feelings got hurt… well being there three years, you’d already know that Keith’s sermons are directed at maturing believers and growing Christians up from a baby state.

    “Many thousands of (baby/carnal) Christians that quit the ministry because they got offended. They got upset, about something that someone didn’t do for them. Or be a part of something that they didn’t get to do” -KM

    Also I might add, that you’re saying what Judas did. “Why was this perfume not sold for three hundred denarii and given to poor people? He did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief;..” Judas didn’t care about the poor, because in his heart he was jealous and wanted that money for himself. (John 12:5-6).

    I write this so you may have a change of heart brother, God still wants you to experience Heaven down here on earth, and continue experiencing the doors of opportunity and blessings for you and your family. Not living with hurt and offence and spiting a great minister of God that is reaching thousands if not millions around the world with his accurate God anointed preaching and teaching. (I mean, I’m writing from Australia).

    “Even if a person in ministry did make a mistake, do you forfeit the place God gave you?” Ecclesiastes 10:4 “If the spirit of the ruler rise up in you, leave not your place;. “Be led in (to a ministry), and BE LED OUT -not by anger, not by hurt, but be led out BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD!” -KM

    The sermon is ‘Weeks of Increase 2015’, part 3 -Stolen Opportunies.
    36mins – 46mins -video.

    Please take your blog post down, it’s an embarrassment because the only comments are from baby Christians that are so naive in their arguments, it’s sad to see. Mature believers aren’t fooled at all.

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    1. As I begun this blog “UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY I DO SWEAR THE FOLLOWING IS TRUE AND CORRECT”; it follows that pursuant to the Florida constitution, any publication verified as factual is not slander; however, I see no oath of truthfulness on your part; rather, fact less, baseless, ignorant dysfunctional syllogisms leading to false assumptions based on hearsay, error or outright libel such as your comparing me to Judas.
      Since Pastor Moore taught at Rhema Bible school, he must understand the process of arriving at a truthful conclusion through formal Boolean logic; obviously, you lack the ability to discern fact from fiction since you testify against yourself in the above post bordering on libeling me. Given the bizarre fallacies of your described reason, behavior it appears likely the ability to reason is absent from most of Faith Life Church. Yahweh says, “Come let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as wool”. No reliable conclusion can result from a syllogism without reliable facts such as yours. My experience to verify facts and response as follows:

      1. Keith has not contacted me, nor did attempt to do so at any time before he attempts to justify his malfeasance in the “sermon” you mention. You testify against yourself, his libel and error by his not following Yeshua’s instructions how to deal with an offense: “before you offer your gift, address the adversary one on one, then offer your gift”. Obviously, he is offended or he would have attempted to address the matter according to scripture, instead of testifying against himself from behind the pulpit.

      2. I am not a baby christian. I was born again Feb. 21, 1971, probably before you were born.

      3. I continue to learn how to be led by Yahweh’s Holy Spirit. I have seen Yahweh rescue me from cults, impossible situations and death by Mexican crooked cops to mention a few. I have also demonstrated some ability to think since I have prevailed in Federal Appellate court and Federal District court in the last several years, even as a broke Pro Se litigant. Yahweh has blessed me with results after attorneys said what I was doing couldn’t be done.

      4. My early impressions of some of Keith’s teaching on How to be led by the Spirit I thought were good; however, as time went on it because obviously the assistant pastors and staff had checked their brains in at the door.

      5. I was led out of the FLC parking lot after several months; however, the staff hijacked the Holy Spirit and tried to tell me differently, without any attempt to discuss or mentor.

      6. I also lost my ability to drive and could not attend services; however, no attempt by any FLC staff or member attempted to provide transportation, nor even return my several calls, instead I was repeatedly cut off in the middle of sentences.

      7. You make similar comparisons to me with Judas in your bizarre senseless libel, apparently accusing me of attempting to steal money simply because of my requests for help when my water and power was turned off.

      8. The difference between Judas and me is that I had offered to repay the money through temporary employment – working it off through the church. Judas m.o was to steal. My intention was to get the money to get my water and power turned back on after a week or more, instead I was treated like a leper by FLC especially the staff.

      9. After a week of no water in my house the toilets reeked so bad I had to keep the door shut, sink, kitchen were highly toxic that it became a significant health hazard. The toilet was not flushed for a week. The kitchen sink had dead cockroaches in it feeding on rotten food because there was no water to clean anything. My home was so toxic that I believe I could have gotten evicted. At that point I called FLC because that was my intended home church. It would have taken about $225.00 to turn my power and water on. If you think I am lying I have pictures waiting to post in the media library of this blog.

      10. Instead of returning calls and requests for temporary assistance Pastor Keith took off in his corporate jet for Africa where he was received almost like a king or royalty.

      11. I was stunned after hearing repeatedly FLC had donated to Kenneth Copeland ministries approximately $1,000,000 and nearly that amount again on a different occasion. The disclosure to the congregation was neither published on the internet nor recorded by his instruction. It became clear that rather than assist a member of his congregation for basic needs of water, power and family intervention, Pastor Keith chose to play kiss the crony with Kenneth Copeland.

      12. Had those experiences never happened, what hit my ChurchFace Tripwire is that during my time with FLC, I was working with a team of media producers (as am I) to advocate for fatherless children and alienated dads. We were on the verge of a full scale syndicated production. I approached the FLC support staff several times and was condescended upon similar to a throwback to the tried and failed discipleship days of the ‘80’s where blind submission was required by the peasants to the aristocratic church leadership. Thousands or even millions of fatherless kids were at stake. This was not a mere inconvenience, but our team regularly received reports of suicide by children as young as six or patriots who immolated themselves on the courthouse steps in Connecticut resulting from corrupt family courts – Thomas Ball – Google him.
      Considering the whole premise of the blind obedience of those “discipleship” days and mandates handed to me to work in the parking lot while children and dads are killing themselves, I recall history in the 1945 Nuremburg Trials…”I was only following orders”. Unfortunately your staff doesn’t know what to do with someone who tries to be led when it contradicts their church orders. I am a king and a priest according to the blood covenant of Yeshua. I make decisions according to how I hear Yahweh’s leading, unfortunately your hearing Yahweh’s leading for my life; subsequently my choice to hear and follow Yahweh’s choice for my life trumps your choice for my life. The buck stops here; I will not abdicate that assignment to anyone; that personal decision has literally rescued my life while others perished.
      If that weren’t enough for weeks on end I would hear Pastor Keith whining for IT, Video, Audio and musician talent all of which I am seasoned; however, was ignored while I watched video systems crash repeatedly during services, likely because of router misconfiguration. It reached a point where my mere sitting in the congregation meant that Pastor Keith was repeatedly testifying against himself.

      13. Simply put, FLC threw my alienated son and 24 million other kids like him under the bus and their 24 million or more parents. Maybe I could also say FLC through them under the wheels of their corporate jet.

      14. The was designed to expose Churchface violators like those at Faith Life Center. The matter is not resolved as demonstrated by your fallacious testimony against yourself, Pastor Keith and the Staff. I challenge you to take off your chicken suit, come out from behind the pulpit and communicate according to scriptural mandate according to the Torah and Yeshua’s instruction. Subsequently, your request to remove the post is DENIED.


    2. Keith likes the good life like Bro. Copeland in Fort Worth Tx. I would not give them any money. They already have the money, like Bro. Joel Osteen in Tx that lives in a $15mil house, to fund the ministry.
      The folks at Shepherds Chapel, they do not live like kings, but are dirt farmers and keep it humble.


      1. Though I do not believe one should seek to be Rich, I don’t believe being poor makes one humble: some of the most arogant and prideful people I’ve known in my life have been poor. Way too many people blame other things and people for situations being poor has more to do with mindsets than monies. Which is why Jesus said : the poor you will have with you always. Here’s another verse Jesus repeated often Traditions make the Word of God of none effect. *If your bragging about your Church being the best church above all churches as though you only know the church, Baptist or not on your Marquis, it is by definition a Cult.


    3. Addendum: as I recall to the best of my recollection there was a BRENT on staff at FLC. If that is incorrect I challenge you to reply. If you do not challenge it, then by scriptural standards it is assumed correct.

      If you BRENT are on staff at FLC, then your entire discourse is tainted by your blind unchallenged sheeple loyalty to your boss who signs your paycheck.

      As a freelance journalist, the saying goes that it is not necessarily what is being said that is misleading; rather, what is not said. Here, apparently what is not being said is that you are on staff at FLC to the best of my recollection.(Am I wrong?) If that is true then your post, comments, logic and scriptural syllogisms are faulty and fallacy; highly misleading with a bottom line loyalty to your paycheck. .


      1. I’m in no way associated with FLC in anyway shape or form. I was led to this anti-Keith Moore website by typing in ‘Keith Moore age’ into Google search. As mentioned in my first post I’m living and residing in Austra. I actually have never had the privilege of meeting Brother Keith in person – yet.

        I am however an online listener of his many free sermons via his website for quite some time. But that is beside the point I’m not here to convince you anything of Brother Keith, that’s between you and God Almighty. I also don’t put man on a pedestal.

        I only came and wrote what I felt led too, inspired by the Holy Spirit to deliver light and life. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

        Of all that I’ve written [in my 2 comments], I’m sorry for I mentioned Judas in my first comment and I hope you’ll accept my apology. That was wrong of me to mention that, and I’ve repented to God.

        As for all the rest, if any of it helped I owe it all to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who only brings light, life, truth, wisdom and peace. May God bless you as you continue living in His truth.

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      2. How long will you Carry on this grudge; 3 year’s is plenty of time for whining and licking your wounds if you are Christian then take this to God, Forgive and move forward; it’s ridiculous for anyone to spend this much time and energy on resentment of a wrong. 1 Corinthians says. true Love takes no account of a suffered wrong. Forgive and Move on if Keith Moore did wrong God will tend to the Matter. Regardless of when you got Saved, the time you have been saved has nothing to do with Maturity be in God, and it is abundantly clear you are acting like a wounded child. Take this perceived wrong and pain to God, not your blog. This accomplishes nothing.

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    4. Wow! I am listening to a video right now called Keith Moore, Being Led by the Spirit….and I stumbled across this post online while posting this video to my FB. It is amazing that exactly what you are saying, Brent…about being led by the Spirit is what I am listening to Keith talking about in the background! : )

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  5. Do you realise complaining, bitterness, hurt and envy isn’t part of God/Jesus? The Bible says forgive and forget. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Move on the Holy Spirit has better things for you!

    I’m sorry I didn’t understand much of anything you wrote before Bullet Point #1. As for Bullet Point #1, if you listened to the tiny 10mins of the Keith sermon I linked you you’d maybe be able to see the light of what I meant. He preaches straight Word. You’d also then understand Keith’s heart, and how he is living completely free from hurts!

    As for Bullet Point #2, church membership or being born again doesnt make you spiritually mature. A 60-70 born again, Spirit filled, tongue talking Christian man or woman can still be very carnal, yielding to strife (like a baby), have a cry (like a baby) when they get their feelings hurt, rather than being spiritually mature and forgiving. It’s easy to strife and be hurt, and be annoyed, babies do it all the time. It takes no sign of spirituality to fight or nurse hurts.

    In fact in I Corinthians 3 Paul calls the church at Corinth (who were coming short in no spiritual gifts signs and wonders) CARNAL babies in Christ because of their strife and divisions.

    Bullet Point #3 I’m happy for you.

    Bullet Point #4-14 all that is here is unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, hurt, envy, pretty much what God hates and the enemy loves.

    1 Corinthians 13 will help.
    Forgiving will set you free.
    Be free in Christ!

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  6. It is clearly this man is HURT, he feels alone, he feels rejected. Even if he has been wrong, in his own judgement on his own qualitties Maybe they are not that accurated and even if he acusses the family. The Faith Life Church should contact this guy, connect him with a cell group. If there are ten people to help him with time, it does not take much per person. THIS IS FAILING LOVE!

    Brother MOORE should know better. I have heard a lot of his preachings and I like it a lot, but it is also manipulative when it comes to money. As a churchfamily we should care for the weak TOGETHER, when talking is not enough, you should give someone hope, perspective in a practical way.

    Picking the man up and meanwhile encouraging him at that moment, was a great opportunity, which is missed by the faithlife church management. It is so easy to connect a few brothers to take care of someone.

    Sometime not immedeately with money, but practical legal advice for free, I am sure there is a attorney in FLC. Or help with debt management for free, I am sure there is an accountant in FLC. Showing someone the way if he does not see it at the moment. It is a missed opportunity and a failing of the body of christ.

    Opportunities missed, yes indeed! FLC missed here a opportunity! It is upside down logic to say, this trouble is all because bad faith. Even if there is faith, sometime there still is trouble. God provide a way out, but through people! Brother Moore you missed the opportunity to be the body of Christ! I hope u read this. I have listened all your teachings, many of them I love, especially about LOVE, but this is not what you teaches. Words should be turned into deeds! Too bad I live in Europe.

    As a brother in de Lord I say: FLC, Keith Moore make it right with this man!

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    1. Hey Woodleg, if i were you, i would go on, and not let this continue to bother you. Kieth Moore obvisouly doesnt feel like he has done anything wrong, and i would just move on and let it go


    2. I understand your point but truthfully this is something Him and God need to be handling. No person but Jesus can make you Happy. That is a decision, obviously he has decided to be miserable and misery loves company. Even if Keith Moore ministries did as you suggest, it would be something else next week and why Jesus said: the poor you will have with you always. (Has nothing to do with money but ones mindset).

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  7. It sounds to me as though you are looking to FLCS as your source. Your source for paying your water bills, your electric bills, and your personal project on fathers rights. God is our source… not the church,
    Why did you stay for years at a church you disagree with?
    As far as working on the parking lot, many of the volunteers who work inside started working on the parking lot team. It is used as a testing/proving ground. It shows if you are going to show up for your schedule, how you react to leaders and congregation members.
    Most of the donations given to the church are directed where the giver wants it to go. If I give $300 to the word supply, legally FLC cannot give it to you or any other project. You say you offered to “work” for the church to repay the money for your utilities. You do not sound as though you would be willing to work where they told you work.
    But also say you you are unemployable, lost your license and your child, it sounds to me as though you might not be suitable person to represent the church. These things generally don’t happen for no reason. If you volunteer for the church you are submitted to a background check and should be. I don’t want pedophiles teaching my children or thefts works in accounting etc. Perhaps whatever has caused you to be as YOU said unemployable, lost your child and license is also preventing the church from using your skills. The church nor any other org is required to accept ever volunteer who walks through the door. And certainly not to the specific position the volunteer wants.
    Now the church staffs are human and they can make mistakes. You say some simply walked away as you were talking. That is very rude, however it sounds like you kept asking over and over…perhaps they knew you were told that your father’s project was not something the church was interested in supporting. And the way not to be rude or argumentative was simply to walk away.
    I do pray that your situation gets better.

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  8. What about all the other people their ministry has helped? You sound bitter. God is your source, not people. He will use people, but often He tests our heart to see if we will trust Him no matter what. You’ve got them wrong in my opinion. Maybe instead of spending so much time trying to convince everyone else how horribly they treated you, go find another church to get involved with who can utilize your God-given talents. Pray for the Moore’s and their ministry. Our job as Christians is to pray for one another. Thanks for listening.

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    1. I cannot answer for all the works of the staff; however, I AM required to answer before Yeshua how I invested my talents and what harvest I bring to His Kingdom. If I am directed by blind shepherds who refuse to mentor I need to RUN FOREST RUN! I hardly think that Yeshua would be pleased with my answer that thousands of orphans, fatherless government corruption modus operandi went unrestrained while I was out standing in their parking lot, while multiple media opportunities [which were BTW] [I am a media professional, obviously by this one of many sites and blogs I do] were at our fingertips. Tell me, can you look into the face of an orphan and tell that child “I was too busy with directing in the parking lot to help your needs. I’m sorry you were hungry, abandoned or sold into child trafficking but I was just too busy.” My blood pressure rises as I type this message.

      This blind, senseless lack of understanding into the Torah and the heart of Yahweh staggers my imagination. Recall history: 1945 Nuremburg trials: “I was only following orders.” My suggestion is read the Torah. If we abandon the children, Yahweh will abandon us.

      I have made changes. I believe to abandon the Torah as many Western Churches teach, is the close cousin of Satanism – Lawlessness, which means we make up our own rules. REPENT, REPENT, REPENT! I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that, I hear REPENT, then the next breath says Yahweh has cancelled His Law; no law = lawlessness, so what do we Repent to??? Illogical, contradictory and crazy making.

      Yeshua said my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

      Example: Yesterday July 23, 2016 Terry Trussel a 73 YO grandfather, Patriot, of excellent character, whistleblower was given 105 month prison sentence [a slow death sentence] after depleting their life savings on legal fees – for exposing bribery and corruption at the top levels of the Florida state government. I challenge Keith and Phyllis to step in and help him and his 70 yo soon to be widow as this guy testified he doesn’t even receive enough water to meet his medical needs. THIS is my world. THIS is your world that lies above the ground level above your head stuck in the sand. Do you research – find Terry Trussel in Dixie County, Cross City Corrections. It makes me nearly mad enough to cuss when I think about them giving millions to BVOV while widows, fathers and the fatherless are destroyed en massse around them. Ask me what I am doing? You can’t handle the truth.


      1. It’s funny because my experience is very similar to the person who started this post. Attended FLC for (2) years, offered to volunteer in Media but was asked to work in the parking lot and lost my job during my time there with no help offered by the church (after having to fill out a 2 page questionnaire). Now I’m not mad or bashing anyone. I no longer live in Sarasota and the church was just not the right fit for me, nothing to do with them not meeting my needs. God does that. But he does use people just like he uses people to bless the Moore’s. As a minister I find it funny how we get to collect offerings from the congregation but the congregation has to believe God for their finances. No, it is not the Pastors job to support the people, but it gets real tiring to see millionaire preachers walk around clueless about the state of their flock, or not even care. To seek the church out for help makes you many feel like beggars, when they are not. When Christians look to me as if I hear God better than they do, I do my best to give them the wisdom God provides but I also let them know that they have the same Holy Spirit that I do. Most churches that I have been to want to use you for your gift, not for their own power struggle. I was asked to work in the parking lot also when offering to work in the media dept. When they needed help to move flower pots before and after services, I volunteered to help there too and do you know what they did… they put me on the “flower pot moving team”. They didn’t say well we feel like you should go to the parking lot first to prove yourself because these are very special flowers? hmmmm. Every saint will have to answer to God, not just the preacher. How does the church know everything a minster does and say’s or how they spend their finances. They don’t, but God does. In the book of Acts the church had all things in common and those who had much assisted those who did not, so that everyone’s needs were met. I am no longer asking of man but it is my goal to be the one doing the assisting. It’s just not the same church.


      2. ” I challenge Keith and Phyllis to step in and help”…. 1 q: who are you to be challenging ANYBODY? why are you of the mind that you have the authorization to obligate or call on the carpet someone besides yourself to jump into this cause, or that cause, or do anything in particular for anybody? who made you the judge of another man’s servant? Who is preventing you from doing what you know to do with that which is yours? Go for it dude! take of yours and show all how it should be done….

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  9. You all need to make the distinction between serving man and serving God. Hear for yourself, and make sure it’s God you are hearing. If something isnt working, move on taking the risk that you are wrong, but act on your faith and convictions. Do you know something? Know it for yourself. Keith Moore’s airplanes and real estate doesnt cost me or you one thin dime. If you are unhappy with something you have two choices, you ALWAYS have two choices- work through it in place, or leave and work through it elsewhere…. be doing something, somewhere and want a tip? dont expect one! Expect no one (humanly) to come along and give you anything but maybe a hard time. If you believe you are underutilized, act on that and shake the dust off and go somewhere else to be utilized or start your own thing. All of the above I have had to do, and we ALL have to do, every day.

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  10. I’m sorry that you had a bad experience there, but Pastor Keith isn’t your problem, neither is FLC. Your problem is your mouth. You had hardships and instead of attacking the enemy who was robbing you, you allowed the enemy to get you to think that if Keith did this, or if FLC did that I would be better off. FLC and Keith Moore are not your source, God is. Why not take the matter to God and ask Him to show you where the problem lies and what to do about it. I personally know someone who gave up all to follow Keith to Florida and what did he do….he served the Moore’d and God blessed him for it. He did everything from cleaning the church, to ushering and a few other things, the same with his wife. After so many years, God revealed their “FAITHFULNESS” to Keith and Phyllis and now my friends are on staff there. Keith just doesn’t hand people positions, he watches their faithfulness and he waits on the Lord for direction.

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    1. I have to agree with you Brother in Christ. Upon reading the critical post that started this I spotted several key things in statements. Most had to do with a church/ministry, not recognizing the “talent” they were turning away. Then there is the wrath that His particular project about Dads and children, “Why Dads matter” went ignored because after all, HE had the “seedling media contacts” and obviously the church/Moore’s should have jumped on that immediately because these things are important.Then there was the issue of “unemployment and being unemployable”, water and light shut off and all the “”lower staff”” ignoring his emrgency calls. tThen the “transportation” issue for which the church was to be responsible for valet service to and from the church.By the way? Why the supension the the driver’s license.? Then, he couldn’t establish working relationships with “lower staff” for accountability.. Apparently they kept walking away during his knowledgable critcisims. It appears he wanted their accountability to him.

      I don’t know how this person was unemployed but I imagine that his mouth and pride did have a great deal to do with it. It’s always someone else’s fault. Can’t shake the fist at God so he shakes it at a group of believers who are engaged in their own battles.It’s other people who are “asinine, stupid and prideful. It’s other people who are unaccountable”

      This person was angry and hurt long before he attended FLC. Jehovah’s Witnesses” have been there? Interesting. It seems if they handed him some money to help him out of the situation he was in or offered him an IT slot or any other position he deemed deserving of his talents, he would be a follower. But what happens when they cannot meet his needs any longer or don’t properly appreciate his talents? Do we earn another long editorial on the uses and abuses of that organization?.

      People like this taking a position in a ministry or any company, corporation ets, is always deadly because they turn out to be the cause of disruption by rebellion. It never fails. Talented or not many they may not be worth the trouble. They dismiss others ideas in favor of their own. They are slow to hear and quick to anger. In other words, listening to the ravings of an individual like this is as “mundane” as it gets. So typical of allot of the present generation is entitlement.

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  11. I sympathize with woodleg. I went to Victory Christian Center in both PA and FL, and became very disillusioned with the nondenominational mega church experience and will never darken the door of one again. I became sole caretaker of my terminally I’ll mother. After a couple of weeks I got a call from one of their dozen “minor” pastors asking why I hadn’t been to church. I informed him of my situation and was told to call the church if I ever needed anything. Getting my mom on medicaid took over 2 years. I ended up spending all of my money on her medical needs. My electric and water were due to be shut off. The church had a program to help members in financial difficulties. I called the church and was mailed a 3 page application to fill out. I heard nothing. I called them back and was told that I was no longer a member in good standing as I had only been to 4 services in 2 years. I tried to explain my situation with my mom again…but was told that they knew about that and felt I wasn’t making a good effort to get to church. I could never be away from her for that long as her mind was gone and she was abusive to me and hospice nurses, etc. I finally got help through hospice in keeping utilities on. I also kept getting calls from alleged pastors that I’d never heard from chastizing my for my non attendance. When mom passed…I received a call from the pastors assistant expressing displeasure in me for having a pastor from another church do moms funeral. I took this opportunity to inform the assistant that my name and number was to be removed from their books and to never call again. Pastors of mega churches are out for themselves and for their own bank accounts. I’ll never go to one again!


    1. Looks like we need a little more compassion and set aside the “member in good standing” shill. As far as I go, I didn’t even get a call from anyone (and still never have) as to why I wasn’t there anymore. I’ll answer that question now…”because you’re likely blind and I’m invisible”.


    2. This is about FLC, not a place to cry about another Church. You don’t lump “Mega” church into one category. God must be your source, not some Church. I have never gone to a church for money, because God said He would supply all my needs.

      What changes do FLC need to make? We need real responses from those that walk in faith already and see things that need changed at FLC.


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  12. Hi, my name is Laurie, and I have read these comments, and wow, I have been watching some of Keith Moore teachings since December 2016, and I found them to be great, but now I’m not sure, really of any Pastors or big congregations. I feel the bigger they get the more money they ask, the more material things they accumulate, the more, the more, the more. What happen to not storing up treasures here on earth? I Believe the Word can get out, without Jets and big fancy rooms and equipment. I do believe the Church should help another Brother in need, you don’t have to give the money directly to the person, you can personally find out the information and send it to the proper place. If the person is a member of your Church. We are to help our brothers and sisters in Christ and I don’t read alot about tithing in the New Testament either, just about giving to someone in need. Where is all the money being distributed to that these big Churches are collecting? I know in the Little Churches, alot of times the Pastor works also, they are down to earth not all decked out in fancy apparel and watches and jewelry. We’re not setting our hearts on earth but on Heaven. You can’t take your fancy pants with you when you die 😊. Stop accumulating all these materialistic things here and think about those in need. Some of these homes these Pastors and evangelist live in is ridiculous for the size of families they have, we aren’t told to keep up with the Jones’ es. The mega Churches, really ??? How can you even know the needs of all the sheep, if you can’t even find them? You don’t even know them personally at all, or their families. Well, that’s all folks, I don’t live in the area of alot of those Churches.


  13. “call the church if I ever needed anything”… unless it’s NOT prayer you need…lol… bring the WHAT?… into the WHAT?


  14. ” I challenge Keith and Phyllis to step in and help”…. 1 q: who are you to be challenging ANYBODY? AGREED AGREED! where does it say that they are supposed to do anything? where? find it. go look in the mirror “church” isnt a its an assembly of believers..if u get duped into regarding it as anything else then go get some wizdumb…as my dad used to say,,,”education is expensive” here’s a church adage: “want a tip? DON’T EXPECT ONE”


  15. why it is not the church’s responsibility to help members in need. If not them, who.? If I hear one more time God is your source not the church I’ll scream.
    Acts 2:45
    And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.


  16. Woodleg, you are essentially a nut case. There’s no wonder The Moore’s wouldn’t let you near their IT operations. Pure and simple.


    1. You should know O great qualified grand swami poo bah… after all you should know…? Huh??? we’ve never met each other, spent zero seconds getting to know me. O believe Proverbs says (paraphrased) “Better to keep your mouth shut and thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” 8-|. BTW Reverend Gee… where do you Pastor? I want to be sure I avoid it.


      1. exactly. Read to that slowly woodpeg to then forgive. Move on. Grow up. Keith Moore is not responsible for your happiness, God and you are.


  17. Do you realize there are some churches who start you out as prayer warriors. There for a year before you can do anything in the church. You should have started there and God would have given instruction and provision for both needs and calling of the fatherless project. Remember If your still calling to yourself a orphan and fatherless. Your not accepting Gods Offer to be yours.


  18. It is usually convenient to judge others in privileged positions.
    However, you have placed your expectations on man and not God to the extent that you are dictating where help should come from.
    I’m beginning to question your membership of the church since you were only able to provide old testament Bible references, no signs of exercising faith in God.
    Entitlement mentality cannot help you.
    Learn to trust God and do your part as well.


  19. I read all of this, here’s my take. The church is supposed to help people, even if he is a complete jerk. They are not required to endorse his ministry ideas/projects.
    I think, having been to the Sarasota location that it attracts people who never fully develop in Christ but are stuck seeking approval of man.
    When a hands on healing is offered 90% of the church went forward. So sad. Grow up in the Lord and serve others. If a church makes you prove yourself they are usurping God, His judgements and the talent He gave.
    I would rather give money directly to the hurting or homeless than a mega ministry to buy a jet.
    Grow up in Christ people! Stop being brown noses to a man. For Christ’s sake stop whining! Both sides! If you’re strong in the Lord you can desern good and evil. If Moore’s can’t humble themselves to interact with congregation and handle offended in a scriptural manner they are not in God’s will. That is between them and God. You can see it, but that doesn’t mean to judge or Whine…but pray. Teachers will incur a greater judgement. If you are bitter just know nothing will remain hidden.


  20. My husband and I are mature Christians who believe in healing since we were young. My husband has been sick (unto death sick) for 4 years. Listening to Keith Moore’s teachings the past 6 months (over the Internet) has brought him to a place of more faith and more focused faith and since then we have seen miracles, I mean life-giving miracles, I mean disease being healed miracles. I recently gave a donation to the FLC church because the teachings have helped us so much and we are very blessed, but as Rev. Moore always says, it is not him, it is God, he knows that, we know that, ALL healing is from God, period. We think it is awesome they make these excellent teachings available to people for free and that is why we had no problem making that donation. If you are faulting sick people for going to the altar and seeking a healing from God and saying that means they are not spiritually mature, I think you are the one who needs to grow up into Christ. When I was young I was very poor and was a member of a church where I tithed faithfully. I lived hand to mouth, a 2-week sickness could have made me homeless but it never did. Sometimes church people gave me useful items, but it was God who supplied all my need and I always had what I needed. Eventually God pulled me out of poverty but I appreciated and worked hard with every opportunity he gave me. I started out making copies even though I had better computer skills than most of the others there, but I was thankful for the job and the work. Sometimes people need to be brought to a place they will finally learn to humble themselves before God and have faith. It is not whether or not a person has it to give, if they are listening to God they do it when He lays it on their heart. If you give a person money who refuses to help themselves, it won’t solve the root of the problem, it is still just a band-aid. I give to several Christian organizations who help people like Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Blessing, but I only give to other individuals when God lays it on my heart and if he does I do it. If you think that God could not have directed any of the people at FLC to give that man some money, I think you are wrong, if it didn’t happen, there is a reason why. Mature Christians should have put off the old man and put on the new man and renew their mind, they should walk according to the spirit not the flesh, they should do the work God gives them to do and do it heartily as unto the Lord, and yes they should give. To say a mature Christian should never get sick or need healing is foolish, none of us are perfect and the adversary doesn’t need much of an opening to attack us. Rev. Keith is a wonderful man of God, sure there are some megas who make me cringe and change the channel, but Rev. Moore is not one of them, but like I already said, it is NOT about him, it is about God.


    1. To sum, it appears to me I was banished from FLC. I was not accepted in the music dept as an accomplished musician or technology as a senior level IT, Audio Video engineer, whether paid or volunteer. I am not a Calvinist; I believe we all have a personal choice and we either receive rewards or consequences. In my several years at FLC Kieth was unreachable and untouchable. I listened week and after week Kieth pleading and begging for musicians and engineers while I sat on the bench for the entire time. I don’t understand that, but IMHO it appeared that the longer I sat there while he begged and pleaded, the primary responsibility for poor management [also affecting me] was his, not mine. Sounds like blame shifting? Yup, I can’t fix that, it’s history.

      Even though no one from FLC offered to give me rides to church for the next 2 1/2 years, good things came out of it. I did some deep dives into questions of doctrine that were irreconcilable, studies on my own, in my home, where some of those contradictions were reconciled. Just a few major points are of fundamental import to our creator YeHoVaH:
      1) [What day is] the Sabbath?
      2) Has “the law” been done away with?
      3) Are we as believers required to honor the Feasts of the Creator?
      4) What is the significance of the Hebrew Calendar?
      5) What can we learn from the Torah?
      6) How can we be more like the “Sons of Isaachar” to know the times and seasons.
      7) I learned how truly Miraculous Yeshua’s atonement through the Passover is
      – those understandings never arrived through any church, more like in spite of church,

      I gave it my best at FLC, then also at Rodney Howard Brown’es church. I stood out in the parking lot as a “greeter” while missing major parts of the service – not why I came to church. I was rejected at both places [music and technology] until I couldn’t justify wasting my life any more doing meaningless drivel while my own sense of stewardship compels me to use my skills and abilties wisely to bring YeHoVaH the highest return on His investment possible. Pride? Maybe, Wise stewardship? Maybe. As a broadcast engineer, web master of about 15 web sites and litigator, history says I am correct to accept the rejection and banishment at FLC while creating this blog to challenge sheeple’s ability to hear Ruach’s guidance; how to hear His voice and follow. Sometimes that doesn’t line up with the church’s status quo “authority” as is here. As a 65 yo former “Jesus freak” when I was younger valuable lessons have never left saying we each have individual responsibility as Kings and Priests. Simply put, “the buck stops here.” I will not defer my role as a King and Priest. The FLC leadership didn’t seem to teach that or accept me in that role, but seemed to insist on my being a sheeple.

      Respectfully, thanks for your comments.


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